Thursday, March 12th

Continuing on with our unit on Fractions, Decimals & Percents, our classes discussed the true meaning of “percent” and the fact that percents are based off of 100. Students also learned how to convert decimals to percents and percents to decimals. We call this “The Dr. Pepper Method”. Please see the attached notes from the whiteboard. Students took these notes down in their notebooks today.

Our classes worked on two different sheets in class. We worked a few problems from each sheet together to make sure students understood the procedures for converting one form into another form. Those sheets are attached as well. Students were instructed to NOT complete these two sheets for homework. Instead, we will keep them in our math safe place and get them back out on Monday, March 16th.

No homework over your 3-day weekend! Enjoy the weather!

Tuesday, March 10th

Yesterday, students learned how to convert a fraction into a decimal (DIVIDE!!!)
Today, students learned how to convert a decimal into a fraction (so EASY!!!)

I have attached the notes students took down into their math notebooks today in class. Always remember to simplify your answer to lowest terms!!!!

I have attached some examples we worked together whole group to ensure understanding.

I have attached the HW that was assigned today in class AND the first four problems that we worked together (everyone should have those written down!). We will check the HW for a bronze grade tomorrow!

Monday, March 9th

We began our unit on Fractions, Decimals & Percents today in class! Students found our first skill to be incredibly easy! When converting fractions into decimals, there is only one stepā€¦ā€¦DIVIDE!!!! Super easy lesson today with lots of mini-lessons on how many places to go past the decimal, rounding, and keeping the whole number in a mixed number.

I have attached the notes students took from the whiteboard today.

I have attached several examples we worked together in our math journal.

I have attached a copy of our homework for tonight.

I have attached the homework problems we worked together as a whole group to ensure everybody understands the procedures. Rememberā€¦.show your work!!!!

We will be checking this homework tomorrow in class for a bronze grade.

Thursday, March 5th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!


Students checked over their study guides today in class to ensure everyone understands the skills & procedures being assessed on tomorrow’s test. Skills to be assessed include:

  • writing a ratio from words & phrases
  • simplifying ratios to their lowest terms
  • writing a rate (that is given to you in the problem)
  • calculating a unit rate (**Unit Rate always has a denominator of 1)
  • determining which Unit Rate is the “better deal”

All of these skills were addressed on our study guide. Our class also reviewed our rounding rules because as mathematicians, we must attend to precision! One last word to students was to pay close attention to the wording of the problem to ensure you write the ratio in the order they ask for it!

Study guides will be taken up tomorrow for a silver grade! Please make sure you bring your COMPLETED study guide to class!

Wednesday, March 4th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!

Students were given their study guide today for our BIG GOLD TEST this Friday, March 6th!!!! I have attached a copy of it should you need a new copy tonight while you are working at home!

We worked at least two problems in each section together to ensure everyone understood how to complete each type of problem! Once we worked through those several problems, students had to put their study guide away because we participated in a Unit Rate Scavenger Hunt! The unit rates students had to calculate were real life examples and used products they probably see at home everyday! Ask them about it!

We will be checking over the study guide tomorrow, Thursday, in class to clear up any questions students may have about the skills being assessed on Friday. Once a student is finished with their study guide, they will be allowed to finish the WEBQUEST we started on Tuesday!

Study guides are due on Friday before the test! They will be taken as a silver grade!

Tuesday, March 3rd & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!!

Students participated in a Rate & Unit Rate Webquest activity today in class. The goal of the webquest was to determine which store had better deals on specific items!

We worked some real world examples today in class using everyday household items such as Clorox 2, Dawn dishwashing liquid, and Tropicana Orange Juice! I have attached an example of how students utilized unit rate to determine which product was a better deal. Once we worked several real world examples together, students began their webquest looking at products & prices at Walmart, Office Depot and Publix. They were amazed at the price differences between the three stores for the same products! Great lesson in doing the math & saving some money!

No homework tonight…..just ask your student what they learned about checking prices between stores!

Don’t forget……BIG GOLD TEST this FRIDAY, MARCH 6TH!!!!

Skills to be assessed include: writing ratios, putting ratios in lowest terms, writing rates from the problem, calculating unit rates, determining the better deal