Thursday, March 16th

Students are perfecting their skills at calculating Mean, Median, Mode and Range!┬á We counted it up today in class and we have been working on MMMR for 8 days! It’s time for a gold test! We will have a gold test tomorrow, Friday, March 17th, on MMMR with the data sets being presented in a dot plot format. We worked hard in class today making sure we can construct dot plots and then interpret the meaning behind the data!


Daily High Temps dot plot HW for Thursday 3-16-2017


Wednesday, March 15th

Dot plots are our focus of study for the next few days in our math class. Students learned that dot plots are a way of presenting data. Students also learned that each point on the dot plot represents a piece of data. We all worked examples of dot plots together to make sure everyone understands how to calculate the mean, median, mode and range of the data represented on a dot plot.


Line Plots Dot Plots HW for 3-15-2017

Remember: each point on the dot plot represents one piece of data!!!!!

Monday, March 6th

Our Third Nine Weeks Benchmark will be administered on Tuesday, March 7th and Wednesday, March 8th if needed. Study guides were checked today during class to ensure accuracy and understanding! Remember to bring study guides back to class on Tuesday as I will be taking those up before the benchmark!

3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark Study Guide answer key

Students are very well prepared for this assessment! I am looking for great things from them tomorrow!!!!

Friday, March 3rd and Third Nine Weeks Benchmark

The Study Guide for the 3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark was given out during class on Friday. We all took a “walk” through the study guide to ensure everyone understood all the different skills covered during the course of the nine weeks. I would like to go over the study guide on Monday with students to ensure accuracy of answers and understanding of procedures.

Third-Nine-Weeks-Study-Guide March 2017

The 3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark will be given on Tuesday, March 7th!!!


Third Nine Weeks Benchmark

Our 3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark will be administered on Tuesday, March 7th and Wednesday, March 8th.

Study guides will be given in class on Friday as I would like to work on a couple of specific skills with students before the weekend. It is my goal to go over the study guide on Monday, March 6th, to clear up any questions and go over any problems students may have from working the study guide over the weekend. Parents, please ensure your student has this study guide complete for class on Monday so we can make sure everyone is prepared for our benchmark on Tuesday!


Thursday, March 2nd

Students began their study of measures of central tendency today as we learned how to calculate Mean, Median, Mode and Range for any given set of data. Students took the following definitions down in their math notebook:

We worked several examples together to ensure students understand the procedures for determining each measure. The most important thing to remember is this:

ORDER THE DATA from least to greatest BEFORE working with the data set!!!!! 

Most all of these calculation will be thrown off from the correct answer if the data isn’t ordered from least to greatest FIRST!!!!┬á Keep that in mind tonight as you work!


MMMR (front & back) HW for 3-2-2017