Thursday, March 22nd

Classes began our unit on Statistics today by watching a short video on Mean, Median, Mode and Range. Following that, students took down A TON of notes from the board as we discussed each statistical measure, took notes on them, and worked examples together! Here are the notes we took down today in class:

Students need to bring a small, personal size bag of Skittles or M&M’s tomorrow to class as we will be doing a fun activity with Mean, Median, Mode and Range and these yummy snacks during class!

No homework for Thursday night! Enjoy your evening!


Tuesday, March 20th & BIG GOLD TEST

Students were given study guides today in class for tomorrow’s BIG GOLD TEST! The skills that will be on tomorrow’s assessment are:

*converting fractions, decimals, and percents

*accurately applying the Percent Proportion formula to a given situation

We worked the entire first page of the study guide together in class today to ensure everybody understands how to convert fractions, decimals, and percents. We also worked the first two problems on the back side. Here are the examples we worked together:

In addition to actually working the first two problems together, we also setup the rest of the Percent Proportion problems up in an effort to help everyone as they worked independently. Here are the setups for the rest of the problems:

Students were given PLENTY of time to complete the entire study guide in class! If the study guide was not completed in class, the student will have to complete it at home for homework. I will be taking this study guide up as a silver grade before the test tomorrow so please help your student remember to bring it back to class. Finally, remember your student’s math journal is an excellent resource as you all prepare for tomorrow’s test!


Study Guide for Fractions Decimals Percents HW for 3-20-2018


Thursday, March 15th & BIG GOLD TEST next week

I am so proud of how hard my students have worked this week on calculating the Percent Proportion! We are even beginning to apply this skill to everyday situations! We worked a big word problem today in class about students in a PE class who picked certain activities to participate in. We calculated percents of students and actual numbers of students for each activity!

We are looking to have a Big Gold Test on converting fractions, decimals, and percents as well as The Percent Proportion next Tuesday, March 20th. Please help your student begin reviewing for this assessment!

Homework for tonight is again practicing the Percent Proportion. Here are the procedures again for you to review with your student as you practice at home tonight:


The Percent Proportion Worksheet HW for 3-15-2018


Wednesday, March 14th

We are continuing our practice with the Percent Proportion each day in class!

The following picture is an example of some of the problems we worked together as a whole class to make sure everyone understands the procedure to solve a percent proportion. These are #9 and #11 from our classwork:

Homework is from the same worksheet, but only the even ones! Students are to complete only the even #s for homework! Remember to show your work!!!!!


HW for Wednesday night 3-14-2018

Tuesday, March 13th

Students participated in Pi Day activities today during class. Students from the 8th grade came and led students in activities centered around the concept of Pi.

In an effort to continue with our current skill, students refreshed their skills on converting fractions, decimals, and percents during their warmup time! Here’s the warmup we did together in class today:

Use these notes to help you complete homework tonight! If you need additional notes, please refer back to my post on March 7th which gives detailed procedures to make these conversions!


HW for Tuesday night 3-13-2018




Monday, March 12th

Students began their study of The Percent Proportion in class today! This is such a great skill for them to know as they begin to calculate how much things cost or what percentage they may be saving at a sale! These are the notes we took down today in class:

The Percent Proportion will allow students to calculate not only percentages, but parts of the whole and vice versa. We will refer to these notes OFTEN over the next several days as we work through this skill together!

No homework tonight! Enjoy the beautiful weather outside!


Wednesday, March 7th

Students continued with converting fractions, decimals and percents. We were able to get all our notes completed and practiced a few together in class. Your student’s math journal would be a great resource as you work through tonight’s homework. Here are the notes we’ve taken on conversions:


Converting Fractions Decimals Percents HW for 3-7-2018