Week of November 26-30

Welcome to the last week of November! Where has the month gone?

Green Team students will begin multiplying fractions with whole numbers and with other fractions this week! We worked out a very detailed process for multiplying fractions with whole numbers in class on Monday. Students should have these notes in their math notebooks. We will continue working out procedures to solve multiplication of fractions as the week progresses along.

Monday, November 26th……..Textbook pg. 100 #8-22; show all work
Tuesday, November 27th…….Problem Solving Practice 2-1D; all problems; please remember to show your work!
Lesson 2-1D Problem Solving Practice HW for 11-27-2012
Wednesday, November 28th……Textbook pg. 108 #8-21; show all work
Thursday, November 29th……Problem Solving Practice 2-2B; all problems; please remember to show your work!
Lesson 2-2 B Problem Solving Practice HW for 11-29-2012
Friday, November 30th…….no homework

Enjoy the weather this weekend!! I’ve heard it is going to be beautiful!! ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!

Change in Homework for 7th & 8th periods ONLY!!!!

Our 7th and 8th period classes WERE ASSIGNED HOMEWORK tonight!!! The way our classes flowed today, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period did not get through class notes until right as the bell rang for the next period therefore those classes were not assigned homework. Those classes will make this homework assignment up on Thursday, November 15th.

Lesson 5-8 Practice A HW for 11-14-2012


Because of our Veteran’s Day Program this morning, 2nd period had very limited time in math class. As a result, I was NOT able to assign them any homework. REPEAT…..2nd period DOES NOT have any homework tonight, Thursday, November 8th.

1st period, 3rd period, 7th period, and 8th period were able to meet as normal and they WERE assigned homework. REPEAT……1st, 3rd, 7th, and 8th period DO HAVE HOMEWORK.

Week of November 5 – 9

We are finally beginning our study of fractions! Students worked today creating equivalent fractions and by the end of the week, we will work to add and subtract fractions with like denominators.

Monday, November 5th…….Writing Equivalent Fractions, all problems
Writing Equivalent Fractions (front) HW for 11-5-2012
Writing Equivalent Fractions (back) HW for 11-5-2012
Tuesday, November 6th……Recognizing Equivalent Fractions, all problems
Recognizing Equivalent Fractions (front)
Recognizing Equivalent Fractions (back)
Wednesday, November 7th……Lesson 4-7 Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions, all problems
Lesson 4-7 Homework Practice (pg 31 front) HW for 11-7-2012
Lesson 4-7 Practice B (pg 67 back) HW for 11-7-2012
Thursday, November 8th……Veteran’s Day Program at 8:30am; students will complete Improper Fraction/Mixed Number worksheet (front & back)
Improper Fraction and Mixed Number worksheet (front)
Improper Fraction and Mixed Number worksheet (back)
Friday, November 9th……no homework

Get outside and get some sunshine on your face!!

And oh yeah……..ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!