Thursday, January 30th & GOLD TEST ON FRIDAY !!!!!!!!


Students went over their study guide today in class, THE ENTIRE STUDY GUIDE, and everyone seemed to know exactly what they were doing! That’s a win in this teacher’s book!

Skills to be assessed include:

*The Distributive Property
*Combining Like Terms
*Factoring Out
*Properties of Addition & Multiplication

I have attached all the notes you need to review for your gold test tomorrow! Don’t forget to bring your completed study guide with you to class!!!

Wednesday, January 29th & GOLD TEST !!!!!!!

GOLD TEST this FRIDAY, JANUARY 31st !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Students were given their study guide on Tuesday, January 28th. I have attached a copy of the study guide below. We have been working on this unit “Creating Equivalent Expressions” since the 2nd week of January! Most students can demonstrate that they are fluent with which strategy to use to create an equivalent expression. The strategies students will be assessed on include:

*The Distributive Property
*Combining Like Terms
*Factoring Out

I have attached procedures for all three strategies below. These are the notes students took down in class each day along with working a multitude of practice problems!

We will also be assessing students knowledge about the Properties of Addition and Multiplication. I have included the chart we created in our math journals that describe and give examples of each property. Please know these properties!

We will be covering the study guide in class on Thursday!

Monday, January 27th & GOLD TEST!!!!!!!

GOLD TEST this FRIDAY, JANUARY 31st !!!!!!!!!!

We are preparing this week for our first gold test of the nine weeks! The skills to be assessed on this gold test include:

*The Distributive Property
*Combining Like Terms
*Factoring Out
*Properties of Addition & Multiplication

We worked in class today trying to identify which strategy (tool) we would use when given a specific type of expression. Students worked 15 problems together on the whiteboard not only identifying which tool to use, but we also worked them out to create a new expression! Students recorded their work in their math journals.

No homework tonight but a study guide is coming your way in class tomorrow and tomorrow night for homework!

Enjoy your evening!

Thursday, January 16th & Properties Quiz on Friday!!!

Students worked so hard today in class!!! We have continued our practice of Combining Like Terms, but we added a twist to it by bringing in some Distributive Property as well! Very challenging but I think everyone got the hang of it after working a fair amount of problems together!

I have attached their sheet of homework for tonight. Not gonna lie, it’s challenging. I will be grading #1-19 for accuracy. #20-24 will be graded for effort (but this is really good math!!!).

We will have a quiz at the beginning of the class on the Properties Chart! I have attached a copy of it below. We have worked on properties all week so this quiz should be easy! Review your chart!!!!

Wednesday, January 15th

Our unit of study for the next two weeks is Creating Equivalent Expressions. There are three methods we will learn to do this:

  1. The Distributive Property
  2. Combining Like Terms
  3. Factoring Out

On Monday, students learned how to use The Distributive Property to create Equivalent Expressions. Today, students learned how to utilize the Combining Like Terms method. I have attached a copy of the procedures students wrote down from the whiteboard. We worked a multitude of examples together to ensure everyone understood each step and also WHY we have to complete each step in the process. I assigned students a fairly easy homework sheet, just 10 problems, of which we worked the first 4 problems together.

This is GREAT math! I hope students enjoy learning these skills as much as I enjoy teaching them!!!!

Thursday, January 9th

The algebraic expressions we have been constructing got taken to a whole new level of difficulty today in class!!! Students had to construct algebraic expressions that contained TWO “tip off” phrases! After a few attempts, students seemed to pick up on this more complex skill. Some students are still a little shaky on exactly what to do, but they all kept on working like troopers! So proud of their perseverance!

I have attached the homework for tonight as well as the Words & Phrases Chart we created in our math notebook. WATCH FOR *SWITCH PHRASES!!!! Remember: *Switch phrases tell you to take what’s at the end of the phrase and bring it to the front AND what’s at the front of the phrase and take it to the back of the phrase!

You’ve got this!!! Work hard!!!

Wednesday, January 8th

Students worked so diligently with me today and we practiced constructing algebraic expressions from our Words & Phrases chart! Today’s classes were quiet & everyone was putting in some concentrated effort as we discussed what different words mean and how the order of words in a phrase can affect the expression we construct! Awesome classes today!

I have attached a copy of the Words & Phrases Chart students have recorded in their math notebooks. I have also attached a copy of today’s classwork. We worked as a whole group on problems #1-19. I assigned #20-30 for homework and most classes had a few extra minutes (not many extra) to work on those items. We will check these problems for a grade tomorrow in class!

Tuesday, January 7th

The focus of our lesson today was translating words & phrases into algebraic expressions. We created a word & phrases chart in our math notebooks to guide us as we constructed the actual algebraic expressions. Here is a copy of what students recorded in their notes today:

Once we got down the words/phrases we could use, we then began working on actually constructing the algebraic expression. Here are some of the examples we worked on together whole group during class:

No homework tonight! I want this information to “marinate” on your brain for the evening! We will continue with this skill in class on Wednesday!

Have a great Tuesday evening! Welcome back!