Tuesday, May 12th

2nd Semester/4th Nine Weeks Benchmark for sixth grade math is scheduled for Wednesday, May 13th and Thursday, May 14th!

Students……please review your old tests, ASPIRE study guide, your math notebook (excellent resource!!) to prepare for the Benchmark!Ā  Review the list of skills I posted on the whiteboard in our classroom as well as in Monday’s blog post!

Study hard & get some rest!




It’s finally here! Our last benchmark for the year!Ā  The math benchmark for 4th nine weeks/2nd semesterĀ will be given this Wednesday, May 13th and if needed, May 14th. I have posted a list of skills that willĀ be assessedĀ on this exam. Please have your student review these skills using their math notebook, the ASPIRE study guide, and any homework/quizzes they have in their binder!


  • ratios, rates, unit rate
  • measurement conversions
  • percent of a whole number
  • The Percent Proportion (foldable in their math notebook!)
  • Discounts, Sales Tax, Tip
  • Area of squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids (know the formulas!!!!!)
  • volumeĀ  (answers are always in cubic units)
  • surface area & nets
  • mean, median, mode, range
  • dot plots
  • box & whisker plots (upper quartile, lower quartile, least value, greatest value)
  • inequalities
  • graphing inequalities

Whew!!! We’ve mighty busy since Christmas!!!!