Monday, April 27th

ASPIRE testing is over & done!!!!!

Students have been working on a GEOBUILD project which requires a good bit of creativity and vision using geometric shapes to construct an object or a scene of something. The students have worked very hard and the projects are coming together nicely. Thursday is our wrap-it-up day and I am very anxious to see the final products!

7th grade elective sheets were sent home with students last week. These sheets allow you to indicate your preference in certain types of classes for next school year. These elective sheets (they are yellow) were due in last week but many of my folks in 1st period have still not returned them to me!¬† Let’s get those turned in ASAP!

No homework this evening!  Enjoy!




Friday, April 17th

Next week begins our ASPIRE testing for math! The students have worked so hard preparing for this state test! I am very proud of the diligent work they have put into preparing for next week!

Class time on Thursday & Friday was spent working on this lengthy study guide. Today, we worked the two last pages together in an effort to ensure student understanding. It was my observation that students had completed a majority (or better) of their work with only a couple pages left for the weekend. If your student did not complete the guide, please have them work on it this weekend. I am taking the study guide up on Tuesday, April 21st before testing begins.

Here are the formulas for area in case you need them!

Area Formulas all

Enjoy your weekend! Get some rest, especially with all this rain!



Thursday, April 16th

Students began working on a lengthy study guide today in class. This study guide is a sampling of major skills covered since August. The goal is to have students revisit these skills before our state testing event next week. We want everyone to be pumped & ready!

NO HOMEWORK TONIGHT………unless you want to work on your study guide!

Students will continue to work on the study guide Friday during class.

Be safe on the roads this evening!


Wednesday, April 15th

Our focus of study today was determining surface area of a 3D shape. Students learned to break the net of a 3D shape apart into recognizable shapes, calculate the area of all the individual shapes, and then add up each area to find total surface area of the figure.

Here’s an example:

example of surface area

No homework tonight!

Roll Tide!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, April 14th

With our students in the midst of testing, there will be no homework tonight. Enjoy!

ASPIRE testing for my math students will begin next Tuesday and last through the end of the week. With this in mind, I am preparing a study guide for them to work on at the end of this week. We all would agree a comprehensive review of the standards covered since the beginning of school would be an excellent way to prepare for this statewide testing event. The study guide will be a sampling of key skills that hopefully will be quickly reviewed and completed. The goal of the study guide is to bring these key skills to the forefront of their brain so they will have recent experiences working certain types of math problems.

Please be on the lookout for this study guide Thursday/Friday of this week!


Monday, April 13th

With ASPIRE testing school wide the next two weeks, we will be limiting the HW we assign each evening. To that end, please make sure your student is at school everyday as we will continue to cover fourth nine week standards each day in class.

ASPIRE testing for my math students will not begin until Tuesday of next week.

Our focus today was recognizing specific characteristics of geometric solids. We defined and found the following characteristics:

definitions of faces, edges, vertices 2

Homework for Monday night, April 13th

EZ School faces, edges, vertices HW for 4-13-2015

(Most students finished this before they left school today!)





Wednesday, April 8th

Today’s lesson focused on calculating the area of parallelograms. Our classroom discussion centered around determining which side of the parallelogram is the base. This was my instruction to students:

“The base side is the side of the figure that the height line intersects and forms a right angle.”

I also reminded students that opposite sides are equal. Many of tonight’s problems only give measurements for two sides of the figure. I have taught my students to look to the opposite side of the figure if they are missing a measurement. Again, opposite sides are equal.

Please remember: calculate both area and perimeter for tonight’s homework.

Area Perimeter of Parallelograms HW for 4-8-2015

Tuesday, April 7th

Our focus of study today was calculating the area of squares & rectangles. We worked at least the first three problems on each worksheet together as a group to ensure student understanding so everyone should have examples to follow!  The formula for both figures is the same:

Area = length x width

(A = l x w)

Students need to be mindful of answering area questions in units squared!


Area and Perimeter of Square HW for 4-7-2015

Area and Perimeter of Rectangle HW for 4-7-2015

Remember the worksheets as asking for two calculations on each figure:  Perimeter  &   Area!