Thursday, August 31st & BIG GOLD TEST

Our class today focused on reviewing for Friday’s big gold test! Students were given a study guide that is reflective of the items on tomorrow’s test and we worked numerous problems together to ensure understanding and accuracy. Students worked the entire class on their study guide and most students finished before class was over. Any portion of the study guide not finished in class will need to be completed tonight for homework. Please ask your student to see their study guide and go over it with them to make sure they have a good understanding of the skills we have covered!


Study Guide for Gold Test HW for 8-31-2017

Wednesday, August 30th

Even though it’s Wednesday, classwork turned into homework for this evening! Since we did not have homework on Monday due to testing, we need to get in some word problem practice today before our big gold test on Friday! We worked together during class completing one side of our word problem sheet and students began working on the 10 word problems assigned to them as homework. Hopefully, many students were able to complete the majority of them before the bell rang! Please ask your student to see their homework to ensure that it is complete! We will be grading it tomorrow in class for a bronze grade in INOW.


The skills covered on our test include:

  • long multiplication (3-digits x 1-digit)  (3-digits x 2-digits)
  • divisibility rules (be able to apply them to a given number)
  • long division (using the standard algorithm)
  • word problems using long division


Division Word Problems HW for 8-30-2017

Tuesday, August 29th & BIG GOLD TEST

Students have been working very hard this week learning the standard algorithm for long division! No more hangman method, no more little r’s at the top of the problem! We are learning how to fluently divide with one and two digit divisors!

I have attached the foldable we created in class together that gives students a step-by-step guide on the process of long division. I am attaching it so in case they do not bring their math notebook home, parents can still work with their student on completing tonight’s homework.  Out of nine problems, we worked two together to ensure understanding of the procedure. Students were then given time to get a few more problems done before the bell!

long division foldable with steps

We are scheduled for our first Big Gold Test this Friday, September 1st. The skills that we will cover include:

  • long multiplication (3-digits x 1-digit)  (3-digits x 2-digits)
  • divisibility rules (be able to apply them to a given number)
  • long division (using the standard algorithm)
  • word problems using long division

Your student’s math notebook is an EXCELLENT resource as you begin preparing for our assessment on Friday! Old quizzes & homework assignments (which everyone should have in their math safe place/binder) are also terrific resources to utilize as well!


HW from Tuesday 8-29-2017


Wednesday, August 23rd

Students worked today applying Divisibility Rules to determine which numbers are divisible by the specific rules we worked on in class yesterday. We worked many examples together as a class to ensure everyone understood how each rule works and how to apply it to any given number. Students were given ample time to begin their homework in class, but if not finished, it will need to be completed for homework. If you need guidance, please refer to your students math notebook to see the notes they took in class!


Divisibility Rules chart HW for 8-23-2017

Monday, August 21st & OPEN HOUSE TONIGHT

Happy Solar Eclipse Day! Our students did a terrific job obeying the safe viewing guidelines while we were outside experiencing the eclipse! They are such a great group of students, eager to learn and eager to please!

Students were issued math textbooks today in class! They were instructed to bring their textbook home as we will be assigning homework from the textbook this year. Please help your child keep this book in a safe, convenient place!

Open House for 6th grade is tonight beginning at 6:30am – 8:00pm. Parents will assemble in the gym and be dismissed to walk their student’s schedule. I am looking forward to meeting you this evening!


  1. Take your math textbook home.
  2. Discuss the eclipse with your parents tonight!

Monday, August 14th

Our lesson in class today focused on Place Value. This is a great place to begin instruction to ensure everyone is on the same page! We also practiced a multiplication fact quiz today to ensure we know all our multiplication facts.


  1. Hand write the 6 fact family three times in your math notebook (zero through twelve).
  2. Place Value sheet (front & back)
    1. Place Value sheet (front & back) 8-14-2017

Both will be checked for a grade!

Thursday, August 10th

Welcome to Sixth Grade!

Students set up their Interactive Math Notebook today and have their first homework assignment! Parents, if you will read over the Accountability Statement that is glued into their notebook and sign it, your student will have their first grade in INOW! Please help us to begin our nine weeks strong by reading and discussing the items in the Accountability Statement with your student. Please reinforce to them how important it is to have their math notebook with them each day as they come to school! 

Homework for Thursday, August 10th

Have your parent/guardian sign your Accountability Statement that’s in the front of your math notebook.