Tuesday, December 15th

Students finished with their study guides today in class and checked their answers to ensure accuracy. We doubled checked their understanding of how to divide number lines into equal intervals in order to graph points on that number line.  What makes this skill a little challenging is that the number line had to be divided into fractions and also decimals. Please help your child check over the last page of their study guide to make sure they understand this skill!

Our study guide will be due tomorrow as we begin to take our benchmark!

Study Guide for 2nd Nine Weeks Benchmark


Monday, December 14th

STUDY GUIDE FOR BENCHMARK is classwork & homework for Monday (Dec 14th) and Tuesday (Dec 15th).  We will work together in class both days to answer questions, review notes, and ensure students are accurately solving problems. Remember: your math notebook is an EXCELLENT resource in helping work this study guide!


2nd Nine Weeks Benchmark for math is WEDNESDAY, December 16th




Wednesday, December 2nd

Students have been working to create Equivalent Expressions utilizing 3 methods:

1. applying Distributive Property

2. “Factoring Out” the greatest common factor of the numbers in the problem

3. Combining Like Terms within the expression

The chart of directions to utilize each of these methods was glued into each student’s notebook. Here is a copy of what students have been practicing:

Procedures for Creating Equivalent Expressions

Students are to choose which method should be used to create an equivalent expression on each of their homework problems.

Applying Properties of Operations HW for 12-2-15