Area & Perimeter tests were returned to students during class today. Test scores were dismal at best. In an effort to bolster student grades, I am allowing test corrections to be made tonight. Students will earn 2 points for every correction made to their test. Corrections are to be made on a separate piece of paper that will be stapled to the back of their tests. I will ONLY be grading the separate piece of paper stapled to the back of the test.

No test corrections will be accepted after this date.

Tuesday, May 14th is our Benchmark Exam

It is so good to be back at HMS! Thank you to all my students who surprised me with a “Welcome Back” poster on Friday! It’s awesome to know how compassionate my students are and I very much appreciate their thoughtfulness!

Our math benchmark exam is scheduled for this Tuesday, May 14th, during your student’s normal class period. We will spend Monday during class reviewing the skills that will be tested on the exam. We will work through some sammple problems on the board and I will strongly encourage students to work along with me & take notes. Please note that a copy of the skills being tested on the benchmark is attached. With only 2 weeks left until they are 7th graders, most students should be very proficient with the skills on the exam. No study guide will be given. The classwork review & notes that students take will serve as their study guide.