Tuesday, January 31st

Classes are continuing to work at determining rates and calculating unit rate. Parents, it is incredibly important that students really focus in on instruction during class! I am finding that students are chatting, drawing, and getting out of seats during instruction time (even though they are asked to stop)!¬† There’s no way these students are zoning in on the skill we are learning, yet they come to class each day complaining they don’t understand!¬† Parents, please explain to your student that during the 54 minutes of math each day, they need to lay all distractions aside and focus on the skills we are learning!

Here are some examples for you & your student to use as you work through homework tonight!  Remember: the denominator in a unit rate always has to be 1 !!!!!!!!!

Rates & Unit Rates notes pg1


Rates & Unit Rates notes pg2

Rates & Unit Rates notes pg3


Skills Practice Rates HW for 1-31-2017

Please let me know if you need additional help in learning the procedures for setting up rates and calculating unit rate!


Tuesday, January 24th

Students were given an Extra Credit opportunity today in class following their gold test.¬†Three different options were given but the skill on all three was the same –¬†reducing fractions!¬† In the next unit we are about to begin, reducing fractions is a crucial skill that students need to have perfected!¬† This Extra Credit is aimed at helping them revisit this skill while earning some additional points!

One of the following Extra Credit pictures is due this Friday, January 27th!

Reducing Fractions valentine Extra Credit due 1-27-2017

Reducing Fractions butterfly Extra Credit due 1-27-2017

Reducing Fractions emoji Extra Credit due 1-27-2017

Enjoy your evening!


Monday, January 23rd

We will have our gold test on Algebraic Expressions and Equivalent Expressions on Tuesday, January 24th!  I was so pleased to find that the majority of students completed their study guide over the weekend and were ready to check their work today in class!

For those who didn’t get quite finished and for any parents who would like to review with their student tonight, I’ve attached the answer key for the study guide:

Answer Key for Study Guide Equivalent Expressions

I will take the study guide up tomorrow before the test so please make sure your student brings it with them to class tomorrow!

Friday, January 20th

In an unprecedented fashion, I assigned homework over the weekend! Crazy, I know, but we have to prepare for our gold test next Tuesday, January 24th!

Students have been working incredibly hard learning 3 methods of creating equivalent expressions. Here is a list of the 3 methods:

  1. using the Distributive Property
  2. using the Factoring Out method
  3. combining Like Terms

We have taken many, many pages of notes, worked a multitude of problems and I think we are just about ready to test. Completing the study guide this weekend will allow students to pinpoint problem areas that cause them to stumble and then we can fix their procedural knowledge on Monday! Parents, please ensure your student comes to class Monday with their study guide complete!

Study Guide for Equivalent Expressions 1-20-2017

The Distributive Property method

Combining Like Terms method

Factoring Out method