Week of November 30-December 4

I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving celebration this past week!! Counting our blessings is a great way for our students to prepare for the next unit of study, The Great Depression.

Monday, November 30th
Introduction to Chapter 25, The Great Depression
Overview of entire chapter, all sections
Overview of the next three weeks of school, important dates, test dates, and 9-week exam dates
Define vocabulary Ch. 25, Section 1: stock exchange, on margin, default, relief, public works

Tuesday, December 1st
Chapter 25, Section 1 – The Great Depression
The students will discuss how the Great Depression plunged many Americans into poverty. The class will examine Herbert Hoover’s reaction to this national tragedy.
Guided Reading 25-1 in class
Define vocabulary Ch. 25, Section 2:
Hundred Days, New Deal, work relief, subsidy

Wednesday, December 2nd
Students will create a timeline of events preceding and during The Great Depression (collaborative groups). The students will complete a graphic organizer depicting the causes and effects of The Great Depression.
Using the food prices on pg. 727, students will create a grocery list of what you could buy on a budget of $3.00 per week. Students will also create a list of which of the same items you could buy today if you only had $3.00 a week to spend for food.

Thursday, December 3rd
Chapter 25, Section 2 – Roosevelt’s New Deal
The students will identify how President Roosevelt tried to restore the confidence of the American people.
Students will read an exerpt from one of President Roosevelt’s Fireside Chat’s

Friday, December 4th
The students will explore the programs that were created in Roosevelt’s first Hundred Days in office.
Chapter 25, Section 2, pg. 732
Class will describe and discuss each New Deal program created by the Roosevelt Administration; the cost and benefits of each program will also be examined.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Week of November 16-20

World War I exams were great!! I am so proud of how hard my students worked to learn the information about this famous historical event!

The new unit we are exploring is the Jazz Age, which ranged from 1919 – 1929. This unit will be covered fairly quickly, so take a look!!

Monday, November 16th
Collaborative groups & posters to preview Chapter 24, The Jazz Age
~~~~ HOMEWORK ~~~~
define: Section 1 vocabulary words
capitalism, anarchist, deport

Tuesday, November 17th
Chapter 24, Sections 1 & 2
Class reading and discussion
~~~~ HOMEWORK ~~~~
define : Section 2 vocabulary words
lease, isolationism

Wednesday, November 18th
Chapter 24, Section 3
“A Booming Economy”
growth of incomes, growth of consumer goods such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, radios, & automobiles
~~~~ HOMEWORK ~~~~
define: Section 3 vocabulary words
recession, gross national product, productivity, installment buying

Thursday, November 19th
Chapter 24, Section 4
“The Roaring Twenties”
changes for women, movies & radio, baseball as a national pasttime; famous writers, flappers
The Harlem Renaissance;
Prohibition & the 18th Amendment
~~~~ HOMEWORK ~~~~
define: Section 4 vocabulary
flapper, mass media, expatriate, Prohibition, ntivism, quota system, evolution

Friday, November 20th
Review of Sections 3 & 4
Enrichment activities:
“Buying a new car”, “Rich & Crazy”, “At the Talkies”, “No Drinks, Please”, and “Give Women the Vote”
~~~~ HOMEWORK ~~~~

Week of November 9 – 13

World War I Exam on Thursday, November 12th!!!!!!!

Your study guide is an excellent reflection of the exam, so know the information on the study guide!!

If you need to refer to your text for anything, it’s the entire Chapter 23, all sections, pages 666 – 691.

It’s Veteran’s Day. Remember to remind somebody of the origins of Veteran’s Day (it was originally Armistice Day to honor veterans of World War I)!!

On Friday, we will begin exploring the Jazz Age in America and listen to some great jazz music while we work in Chapter 24, Section 1.

Have a great middle-of-the-week break!