Tuesday, February 27th & BIG GOLD TEST TOMORROW

Our students did an excellent job completing The Best Buy worksheet from Monday night! The scores were really good and I believe students enjoyed working on some math that has real world applications!

Wednesday, February 28th, is our Big Gold Test on the following:

-setting up a ratio (with labels)

-writing a rate per the information given in a problem

-calculating a Unit Rate (denominator has to be a 1) from the given rate

-determining which Unit Rate is the better deal or answers the question being asked

A study guide was given in class today and we worked several problems from each section together. Students were given anywhere from 15/20 minutes in class to finish the study guide on their own with the opportunity for me to clarify any questions they may have while working on the guide. Your students math journal is also an excellent resource as they are preparing for tomorrow’s assessment!


Study Guide for Ratios Rates & Unit Rates Feb 2018




Monday, February 26th & BIG GOLD TEST

Students continued with our study of Unit Rates & the Better Deal today in class. We completed a “Let’s Make A Deal” sheet that everyone seemed to enjoy. After a short quiz, we started our classwork “The Better Deal” together but many classes ran out of time and must complete the assignment as homework. Here are the examples most classes did together:

Please have your student complete the rest of the problems on this worksheet. It is a front and back worksheet. This will be an excellent way to begin preparing for Wednesday gold test!


The Best Buy worksheet HW for 2-26-2018

Our next BIG GOLD TEST will be this Wednesday, February 28th! The skills covered will be:

-setting up ratios (with labels)

-writing a rate from the information given in a problem

-setting up a unit rate from a given rate (denominator has to be a 1 in unit rate)

-determining which unit rate is a better deal

Thursday, February 22nd & next Big Gold Test

What a day! Students worked some real life examples today in class involving unit rate and the Better Deal. Students were presented with 2 scenarios in which items were being sold at different rates for differing amounts. Students set up each scenario as a rate and then determined the unit rate for each scenario as well. Once the unit rates were set up, students identified which scenario offered the better deal! Great work today in class on everyone’s part!


Ratios & Rates HW for 2-22-2018

Our next Big Gold Test will be administered next Wednesday, February 28th. The skill that will be covered include ratios, rates, unit rate and the better deal.


Tuesday, February 20th

We continued our study of ratios today by learning about Rates and Unit Rates. Students took additional notes from our presentation and the class worked a multitude of examples together. I was very pleased that students asked questions to clarify their thinking!

Rates and Unit Rates are a little more involved than just regular ratios and I believe we need a little more time to make sure everyone is on board with this skill. For this reason, I have opted for no homework tonight!

Enjoy your evening!



Monday, February 19th

We began out Ratios & Proportional Reasoning Unit today in class! Students took notes and defined the word ratio. See below:

Ratio – a comparison of 2 different quantities

* Wording & order are ULTRA important!!!!!

We worked many examples of ratios together in class. Students were required to use labels on their answers to ensure they understand the two items that are being compared. The back of their classwork sheet was assigned for homework.


Ratios p10 HW for 2-19-2018


Wednesday, February 14th & BIG GOLD TEST

Everyone worked their entire study guide today in class! Yeah!

In an effort to get ready for tomorrow’s gold test, the students and I worked the entire study guide together in class! Students glued their study guide into their math journal so they could have access to it during tomorrow’s test! If you were out today or if you lost your copy, here it is again for you to print and work out!


Study Guide for Gold Test HW for 2-14-2018