Monday, November 17th

Our students began learning about The Coordinate Plane today……the entire coordinate plane! Up until this point, most students have only¬†had experience with a portion of The Coordinate Plane. We explored all four quadrants today in class and took a multitude of notes in our math notebook. Here are some of their notes from today’s lesson:

The Coordinate Plane Notes 2

The Coordinate Plane Notes 1


Lesson 9-3 Practice B The Coordinate Plane HW for 11-17

Thursday, November 13th

We are marching right on through our unit on positive & negative integers and absolute value! We reinforced the skill of comparing & ordering integers today with several in class activities. After that, we moved on to adding & subtracting integers with absolute value. Students picked up on the skill quite easily! Be on the lookout for a quick quiz on Friday that will cover integers & absolute value!


Adding Absolute Value HW for 11-13-2014



Wednesday, November 12th

The focus of our lesson today was comparing & ordering integers. The students and I worked through Lesson 9-2 Practice C together as a whole class to make sure everyone understands how to properly graph integers on a number line and also to determine what integers are larger or smaller than other integers.

Just remember this:

The further UP the number line you go, the numbers just get bigger & bigger

The further DOWN the number line you go, the numbers just get smaller & smaller


Lesson 9-2 Practice B HW for 11-13-2014


Friday, November 7th

Scores from The Big Fractions Test are looking good so far! So pleased with the hard work these students have demonstrated over the past few weeks! Our lesson today focused on positive and negative integers. We worked with number lines as we discussed if numbers were bigger or smaller as we move up and down the number line. Integers is always a fun unit to teach to the students as they are ready to learn this new concept!

NO HOMEWORK TONIGHT!!!!! Enjoy your weekend and ……………..

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, November 5th

We worked our study guide for the Big Fractions Test today during class. I worked over half of the problems together with the students to ensure accuracy and understanding.

Homework tonight will be for students to finish up their study guide! The study guide will be checked for accuracy and completeness so please encourage your student to finish the entire packet!



Study Guide for Big Fractions Test page 1

Study Guide for Big Fractions Test page 2

Study Guide for Big Fractions Test page 3

Study Guide for Big Fractions Test page 4

Tuesday, November 4th

We always try to apply the skills we learn in class to real-world situations through the use of word problems. Today in class, students read a chart and worked word problems relating to amounts of food for a seven day survival course! Very interesting math today! Once we finished with those computations, we worked at least one if not the first two problems on their homework together in class. For this particular assignment, students are focusing on dividing mixed numbers.

Prob Solving Practice Divide Mixed Numbers HW for 11-4-2014

Our Big Fractions Test will be this Thursday, November 6th.

A Study Guide will be worked together in class on Wednesday and finished for homework on Wednesday evening.


Monday, November 3rd

As we look forward to our Big Fractions Test this Thursday, November 6th, I feel as though students need more practice reducing fractions. As I have graded work over the last two weeks, it has been my observation that students have the skills of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions well in hand. However, when it comes to reducing their answers to lowest form or simplest form, many students overlook the opportunity to reduce. To this end, I would like to reinforce the skill of reducing fractions with their homework tonight.

Reducing Fractions Side A HW for 11-3-2014

Reducing Fractions Side B HW for 11-3-2014