Wednesday, October 30th

Classes are still working on Communtative, Associative, and Identity Properties. The Distributive Property was also introduced today and students took notes in their math notebook. This is alot of information to digest all at once, so we have skipped on homework for a couple of nights in order to solidify our thinking & understanding during class.

Homework is coming…….just not tonight! Enjoy your Trunk or Treating at church this evening!!!

Wednesday, October 23rd

The 3-page packet that students completed in class on Tuesday was actually their Algebraic Expressions Study Guide in disguise!!

Our Algebraic Expressions Test will be on Thursday, October 24th. We went over the 3-page study guide from beginning to end to ensure everyone had accurate answers and to reinforce any misconceptions about the process for solving these problems.

Homework for Wednesday night is to study over the study guide, re-work any problems that gave you trouble so you won’t get off-track with tomorrow’s test.

The study guide will be taken up Thursday before the test for a grade! Remember to bring those study guides with you to class!!

Algebraic Expressions Study Guide pg 1
Algebraic Expressions Study Guide pg 2
Algebraic Expressions Study Guide pg 3

Tuesday, October 15th

Congratulations! You have officially started working algebra problems today in math!

Our Algebraic Expressions unit got started today with a bang! Students were very excited to learn about substituting numbers for letters, learning about Variables, Coefficients, and Constants.

Make sure you show your work on tonight’s homework!

SP Algebra Variables and Expressions HW for 10-15-2013

Thursday, October 10th

Students were given a Study Guide for the First Nine Weeks Benchmark today. It is a front & back assignment. The Study Guide covers decimals in great detail, including adding & subtracting decimals, multiplying decimals & dividing by decimals.

Please ensure that your student completes their study guide on Thursday night as we will check the study guide & clarify any questions students may have regarding the benchmark.

The First Nine Weeks Benchmark for math is scheduled for Monday, October 14th.

Study Guide for 1st Nine Weeks Benchmark (front)
Study Guide for 1st Nine Weeks Benchmark (back)