Students on the Blue Team worked incredibly hard this week learning about percents and mastering the skill of converting fractions to percents to decimals and back again! So proud of the hard work I am seeing out my students!

Next week we will use our skills with percents to begin calculating percent of a whole number. This will be our focus of study on Monday & Tuesday.

Our 3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark Exam will be given on Thursday, March 6th. Skills for this exam will include:
– setting up ratios
– setting up rates
– determining unit rates
– measurements conversions
– converting fractions to percents to decimals
– calculating a percentage of a whole number

Thursday, February 27th

Classwork today is attached below. The students worked very diligently today to convert fractions to decimals to percents. We talked out each step of these conversions to ensure understanding. Any problems not completed together in class will need to be finished for homework.

We have a big measurement conversion quiz on Friday! Study those conversion charts!

#1 Re-Write the 8-3 Measurement Conversion chart 5 times on looseleaf paper.
Conversion Chart 8-30001
#2 Fractions, Decimals, and Percents HW for 2-27-2014

Wednesday, February 26th

Students studied the “Dr. Pepper” method of changing decimals to percents and percents to decimals today! Ask your student to show you how to use this method of working with percents & decimals!

We are having a major quiz on Friday on Conversions…..converting inches to feet to yards, cups to pints to quarts to gallons, ounces to pounds, minutes to hours, days to years. Your student was given a Conversion Chart way back on 2-10-2014 to utilize as we worked with conversions during our PowerUps (bellringers). A pop quiz on Monday revealed students had not committed these conversions to memory, so as part of our sixth grade math curriculum, we have put much focus on these conversions this week. Hopefully our quiz on Friday will reveal that this skill has been mastered!

Skills Practice Percents & Decimals HW for 2-26-20140001
Conversion Chart 8-30001

Monday, February 24th

Students on the Blue Team began their study of percents today! We took notes in our math notebook and worked many examples together to ensure understanding. If your student was absent today, please have them look over their regular textbook/electronic textbook, Chapter 4, Lesson 2B, on page 210 & 211. By learning the blue box, “Key Concept”, students should be able to catch up right quickly!

Skills Practice Percents to Fractions HW for 2-24-2014

Monday & Tuesday, February 17th & 18th

Although I will not be in class Monday & Tuesday, students will continue their work on Unit Rate. Students will work on a project entitled, “Let’s Make A Deal” in which they will determine the unit rate of various items (Cheetos per ounce, Sargento Cheese per slice, Butterball turkey per gram, etc) to determine which store offers the better deal on these items. Students will work in partner groups to complete the project by end of class on Tuesday.

Students! Please remember we have 2 homework assignments from last week that we need to check on Wednesday! The first assignment is from last Monday, Feb 10th, and it is entitled “Ratios & Rates”. The second assignment is from last Friday, Feb 14th, and is entitled, “The Best Buy”. We have allowed ample time to have these assignments completed and ready for class on Wednesday!

make sure you have “Ratios & Rates” ready to check on Wednesday
make sure you have “The Best Buy” ready to check on Wednesday

Ratios & Rates-Unit-Rate HW for 2-10-2014
The Best Buy HW from 2-14-2014