Week of August 29 – September 2

We will complete our study of Chapter 1 this week as we look forward to a test on Friday. Students will continue to consider the ways we compute mentally as we explore expressions for “Friendly Tens”. We will also consider the distributive property and apply the order of operations as a way of breaking larger numbers apart, mentally computing their parts, and combining them back together for an answer. Wednesday & Thursday will be used as review days for prepare for the test on Friday.


Monday, August 29th…………..Mental Math worksheet pg. 5, #1-21
Tuesday, August 30th………….Mental Math worksheet pg. 47, #1-21
Wednesday, August 31st………complete Chapter 1 Review Sheet A; be prepared to discuss & ask questions in class on Thursday
Thursday, September 1st………complete Chapter 1 Review Sheet B; bring both Review Sheet A & B to class (completed!) and be prepared to ask questions about anything that is unclear
Friday, September 2nd…………Chapter 1 Test (will cover Chapter 1-1, Chapter 1-2, Chapter 1-3, Chapter 1-4, Chapter 1-5)

Enjoy your long weekend!! See you on Tuesday, September 6th!

Thursday, August 25th


Math homework is vital to the success of students in our math class! Just as a coach would never send a team out to play a game without weeks of practice, I would never allow my math students to take a big test without plenty of practice either!! Please make sure to complete any math assignment I give you so we can get better and better and avoid missing points for late or incomplete work!!!

Week of August 22-August 26

Multiplication & Division Fact quizzes were returned to students today. I am very impressed by the scores on this assignment as I begin to imagine where all we can go with students who are so sharp on multiplication skills!

Our lessons this week will center around exponents, order of operations, and using mental math to come to answers quickly. Please remind your student to check the homework chart in our classroom and record the assignment in their agenda. Learning to use an agenda or other type of planner (organizational skills!) will be an invaluable help to them as they grow into 7th & 8th graders! I am continually urging them to record their assignments and other due dates into the agenda to help get them in the habit of using it. Ask your student for a look at their agenda to help reinforce this wonderful habit at home as well!


Monday, August 22nd……………complete worksheet pg. 3 on exponents
Tuesday, August 23rd…………..complete worksheet pg. 13 on exponents
Wednesday, August 24th……….textbook, pg. 22, #8-17 on looseleaf paper
Thursday, August 25th………..none
Friday, August 26th……………none

SCHOLARS’ BOWL TRYOUTS will be held in my classroom, A111, on Tuesday, August 30th at 7:00am. Bring a couple of sharpened pencils and a sharp mind!

Week of August 15-August 19

What a terrific first week of school!!!

A Green Team newsletter was sent home on Friday with your student. It is a powerhouse of great information concerning our Panther Buck reward program, our 3-Strike Policy, our homework & makeup policy, details concerning detentions as well as our email addresses should you need to contact us directly. Parents, please keep this information handy for future reference, but please contact any of us should you need some clarification on a particular topic.

Textbooks will be issued on Monday. Students should keep their textbooks at home for use with homework as they have access to a classroom textbook while at school.

In explaining my classroom procedures last week, I made the analogy between practicing in preparation for a sport or instrument with preparation for excelling in math. Students can certainly understand the necessity of going to football or soccer practice several times a week in preparation for a big game. Other students identified with practicing their band instrument or piano to learn a piece of music for a recital. I told them preparing for a big math test worked the same way. No way would I simply give my students a huge test without practicing my players for several nights each week! I told each of my classes they were math players on the Green Team and we were going to do everything we could to make them successful! Hard work will get you everywhere!!!

Our topics of study for this week will include a review of review of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, multiplication facts, comparing and ordering whole numbers, rounding numbers, and estimation. I will write each night’s homework on the homework chart in my classroom. Students should make every effort to copy down their homework assignment before leaving class. If they do forget, my blog will be a mirror image of what I have written on my classroom homework chart. Just log in and check out my blog!

Monday, August 15th – finish review sheet of math operations

Tuesday, August 16th – workbook pg. 1 on comparing numbers

Wednesday, August 17th – complete worksheet on estimation by rounding numbers

Thursday, August 18th – workbook pg. 2 on estimating numbers

Friday, August 19th – Multiplication Facts quiz in class – no homework! Enjoy your weekend!

Students!! Remember to bring your math notebook to class everyday! You will always need it for Panther PowerUps.

August 8, 2011

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!! If you have logged on to my blogspot, you must be a little curious about my class for the next school year! Well, let me give you a quick heads-up as to what to expect the first few days of school…….

Remember those multiplication facts that you learned in elementary school? Well, they are going to come in pretty handy for the first 2 weeks of math class! So if you need to brush up on your multiplication skills, get to work! Get some index cards & make yourself a set of flashcards (math facts 1’s through 12’s) or practice writing them down in a notebook or on some looseleaf paper. Just get your brain thinking multiplication!!

We will also talk alot about my expectations for your work and behavior during those first few days as well as what you can expect during each day on the Green Team! Come ready to listen, take down a few notes, and ask about anything you don’t understand!

Looking forward to meeting all you guys!!

Mrs. Horton 🙂