Week of August 22-August 26

Multiplication & Division Fact quizzes were returned to students today. I am very impressed by the scores on this assignment as I begin to imagine where all we can go with students who are so sharp on multiplication skills!

Our lessons this week will center around exponents, order of operations, and using mental math to come to answers quickly. Please remind your student to check the homework chart in our classroom and record the assignment in their agenda. Learning to use an agenda or other type of planner (organizational skills!) will be an invaluable help to them as they grow into 7th & 8th graders! I am continually urging them to record their assignments and other due dates into the agenda to help get them in the habit of using it. Ask your student for a look at their agenda to help reinforce this wonderful habit at home as well!


Monday, August 22nd……………complete worksheet pg. 3 on exponents
Tuesday, August 23rd…………..complete worksheet pg. 13 on exponents
Wednesday, August 24th……….textbook, pg. 22, #8-17 on looseleaf paper
Thursday, August 25th………..none
Friday, August 26th……………none

SCHOLARS’ BOWL TRYOUTS will be held in my classroom, A111, on Tuesday, August 30th at 7:00am. Bring a couple of sharpened pencils and a sharp mind!