Happy Halloween!!! October 31, 2017

No homework tonight! Enjoy trick-or-treating with your friends!

A Notebook Quiz is scheduled for this Friday, November 3rd! Students have been encouraged since the beginning of this 2nd Nine Weeks to keep their math notebook up to date with PowerUps, “I Can….” statements, foldables, classwork examples, vocabulary definitions, etc. Please remind your student to make sure his/her notebook is in class each day and that they are taking down everything we work on together!  Notebook Quizzes should be one of the easiest assessments they take this year!


Monday, October 30th

We began our unit on integers today! Students took notes from the board today as follows:

We also talked about the location of positive integers and negative integers on the number line. Finally, we noted the fact that integers get bigger as you increase on the number line and how integers get smaller as you decrease on the number line.


Representing Integers Wks 2 & 3 (front & back) HW 10-30-2017


Wednesday, October 25th & BIG FRACTIONS TEST

Students worked to complete a study guide for our Big Fractions Test tomorrow in class! We worked together as a class and actually got a majority of the items completed together! There were still some items we skipped over and students will need to go back and complete those on their own. I am taking the study guide up tomorrow before the test and it will be entered into INOW as a silver grade!


Complete any items that were not completed in class!

Study Guide for Big Fractions Test HW for 10-25-2017

Answer Key to Big Fractions Test Study Guide

Tuesday, October 24th & BIG FRACTIONS TEST

Interpreting word problems and what operation to apply was our focus in class today. Students worked through word problems today as a whole group to ensure accuracy & understanding of procedures. Don’t forget: our Big Fractions Test is this Thursday, October 24th!


Mixed Operations with Fractions HW for 10-24-2017

****Always remember to simplify your answer!!!!!!!

Monday, October 23rd & BIG FRACTIONS TEST

Students continued their practice of dividing fractions today in class! Students learned how to divide fractions with whole numbers and how to divide fractions with mixed numbers. Here are the notes students took down in their math notebook today:

We are looking forward to a Big Fractions Test THIS Thursday, October 26th! Skills to be assessed include:

-adding & subtracting fractions with like & unlike denominators

-multiplying & dividing fractions

-and as always, simplifying answers to lowest terms!

I will be available Tuesday & Wednesday morning in my room at 7:15am for extra help with any of these skills……just come on in!


Dividing Fractions all ways HW for Monday 10-23-2017

Thursday, October 19th & BIG FRACTIONS TEST

Today was spent reinforcing the skills of multiplying:

-fractions by fractions

-fractions by whole #s

-fractions by mixed numbers

Friday we move on to learning how to divide fractions! Make sure you are here!

We have a Big Fractions Test scheduled for next Thursday, October 26th! Skills that will be assessed are:

-adding & subtracting with like & unlike denominators

-multiplying & dividing fractions:

*fractions by fractions

*fractions by whole #s

*fractions by mixed #s


No homework tonight! Go enjoy the game!





Wednesday, October 18th

Our work today centered around multiplying fractions by whole numbers and multiplying fractions by mixed numbers. We took a good bit of notes on these skills today in class. Here’s what your student wrote down from the whiteboard:


Multiplying Fractions by whole #s and mixed numbers p1 HW for 10-18-2017

*****Use your math notebook or the above notes to help you complete your homework


Tuesday, October 17th

PopQuiz today on converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers and Mixed Numbers back to Improper Fractions! The quiz also included a couple of problems adding & subtracting fractions with like AND unlike denominators! This quiz should have been a breeze!

Moving forward with fractions, today in class we learned how to multiply fractions with other fractions. Students constructed a bright yellow foldable in which we took down procedures for this skill. ***Always remember…..simplify your answer to lowest terms!


Multiplying Fractions HW for 10-17-2017

Monday, October 17th

To extend out study of adding & subtracting fractions, we practiced adding & subtracting fractions with mixed numbers today in class. We worked a multitude of problems together to ensure everyone understood the procedure! Here’s one example we worked together in class on subtracting fractions with mixed numbers:

Hopefully between this example and the other notes/examples your student recorded in their notebook, everyone will be able to successfully complete their homework! There are two copies attached, your student should know which one they should complete!


HW for Monday night 10-17-2017