Week of April 16-20

We are switching things up a bit in math this week! Our math classes will focus on integrating technology with math in real world situations. TechSteps is a program that helps us implement a variety of software applications into the classroom so students can see how technology is useful in business, school, sports, etc. As we work in the TechSteps program this week, students will develop a MicroSoft Excel spreadsheet that will track the calories & fat content of “Fair Food”. Once our spreadsheet is developed, students will learn how to convert the data into charts & graphs which are much more user-friendly. Our project will conclude Thursday with students printing their work along with a simple paragraph explaining the results of their data.

Monday, April 16th………..none
Tuesday, April 17th……….none
Wednesday, April 18th……..none
Thursday, April 19th………none
Friday, April 20th………..NO SCHOOL; Weather Day

Enjoy your long weekend!!

Week of April 9-13

It’s ARMT week at HMS and our students are primed & ready to go!

Parents, please make sure your students eat a good breakfast each morning and are well rested this week. Lots of rest & fuel for the brain makes for students who are focused and working hard during testing!

No homework will be assigned this week but we do have a Name Symmetery project that students will work on during class each day. We should be through with our project by the end of each class period on Friday. Please ask your child to see what they are working on…..I think you will be impressed!

Wednesday, April 4th

Many students struggled with Tuesday night’s homework which was finding the total area of an irregular polygon. For that reason, I did NOT take Tuesday night’s homework for a grade.

Students: Remember to draw lines on your irregular-shaped polygon to create either a rectangle, a square, a parallelogram, or a triangle. Once these shapes are created, use the formulas you copied from the board to calculate the area of each individual figure and then add all the individual areas together to find the total area of the irregular-shaped polygon.

Irregular Shaped Polygon worksheet, #7-12
3 points each: +1 for showing your work, +1 for calculating the correct number, and +1 for putting a label on your answer

Monday, April 2nd

Our AMRT Blitz is in it’s fifth day here on the Green Team and my students are really fine tuning their math skills in preparation for next week’s ARMT+ state assessment! Today’s lesson focused on calculating area for rectangles/squares, parallelograms, & triangles.

Monday, April 2nd……..complete Lesson 10-2, pg 84, #3-9

I will post our homework each day as I see how students are progressing with their skills.