Monday, April 23rd and the GEOBUILD PROJECT

We began our GEOBUILD Project today! Students have been inquiring about this project all year long and it’s finally here!

The GEOBUILD Project Guidelines were distributed today in class. Please find a copy of them attached below for your review. Our class read each and every item on the guidelines list and thoroughly discussed every aspect of the project! I listened in to different groups as they began the planning process and I can’t wait to seeĀ these finished products!Ā They are ready to get going! If you have any questions concerning the project, please email me at! I will be happy to clarify any questions for you!

GEO BUILD Project Guidelines 4-23-2018

No homework tonight!


Wednesday, April 18th & BIG GOLD TEST

Students reviewed histograms, dot plots, and calculating MMMR during class today! We checked over our homework from last night and made needed corrections. Students were given a study guide to work on tonight for homework to make sure they have perfected their skills for tomorrow’s test. The study guide will be taken up before the test.


Study Guide for test (front & back) 4-18-2018



Monday, April 16th & BIG GOLD TEST

Students learned about statistical questioning today in class: what makes a good statistical question and what are some of the criteria to construct a good question. Conversely, students also looked at some bad questions, questions that wouldĀ not meet the criteriaĀ to be considered a statistical question! These are theĀ notes your students took down in their math journals today on this topic:

A BIG GOLD TEST is scheduled for this Thursday, April 19th! The skills to be covered by the test include:

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

Box & Whisker Plots

Dot Plots and Histograms

Statistical Questioning

Please have your student begin reviewing these skills by looking over their math journal! Everyone seems to have done a good job taking notes in class so their math journal should be an EXCELLENT RESOURCEĀ in preparing for Thursday’s test!!!!

No homework tonight……review those journals!!!!!!