Thursday, November 30th

Today is our first full day of using Order of Operations to solve expressions! On Wednesday, students created a foldable with specific steps on how to properly apply the order of operations to solve for an accurate answer. Here are the notes your student took down from the board:

Homework for tonight will be taken from the Math Textbook, pg. 272 and only complete #8-17. Please remember to show your work, write PEMDAS down the side and use brackets! Complete your work on a looseleaf sheet of paper and bring it in tomorrow for us to grade in class!


math textbook, pg272, #8-17

textbook pg 272 #8-17



Wednesday, November 15th and Big Gold Test and Tom Turkey extra credit

We checked over study guides today in class to ensure accuracy & understanding. Students spent a good portion of the class working on their Tom Turkey extra credit opportunity. Ask your student to see their work….it’s not as easy as it looks! Once the entire picture is graphed, students are at their creative liberty to color & decorate their picture as they like! Tom Turkey is due on Friday, November 17th!

Our Big Gold Integers & Coordinate Plane test is Thursday, November 16th. Please look over your completed study guide to prepare for tomorrow’s test!

Gold Test Thursday, 11-16-2017

Tom Turkey extra credit due 11-17-2017


Tuesday, November 14th Big Gold Test Tom Turkey extra credit

Our gold assessment on Integers & Coordinate Plane has been moved to this Thursday, November 16th! I want to make sure all my classes have the appropriate amount of time to practice graphing ordered pairs before we test on this skill. Students were given a study guide today in class and we worked through the majority of it together as a whole group. Almost all students finished in class but if your student had any remaining problems, they were instructed to finish them at home for homework!


Study Guide for Integers & Coordinate Plane

Our Tom Turkey Extra Credit Project was given out today in class. Students are being given an opportunity to earn extra credit while participating in a friendly competition with my other classes! All Tom Turkey’s are due this Friday, November 17th, and we will vote on which Tom Turkey is the BEST! Neatness & creativity count!


Monday, November 6th

Students continued their study of Absolute Value by adding & subtracting them today! Here are our notes from class:


We worked together whole group completing a few on each side to ensure everyone understood the procedure with accuracy! Students were then given ample time to complete their homework in class.


Adding & Subtracting Absolute Value p2 HW for 11-6-2017



Thursday, November 2nd & Gold Notebook Assessment

Students were introduced to the concept of Absolute Value today! The essential question for absolute value is this: “How far am I away from zero?”

******Big Gold Notebook Assessment on Friday, Nov 3rd******

Parents & students: Please make sure you have your math notebook in class on Friday! The gold notebook assessment can only be completed with your math notebook! Make sure you bring it to class on Friday!


Absolute Value p4 HW for 11-2-2017