Tuesday, September 30th

On this last day of September, students are once again practicing dividing decimals by decimals.

Lesson 3-8 Practice B Dividing by Decimals HW 9-30-14

Our First Nine Weeks Benchmark for math will be administered on Wednesday, October 8th. Skills assessed on this benchmark will include all four basic math operations with whole numbers and with decimals, Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple.


Monday, September 29th

We are continuing our decimal unit by learning how to divide decimals by whole numbers and other decimals. Students were very proficient with dividing by whole numbers so we moved right into dividing decimals by other decimals. Here are the steps students copied from our board today in class:

Step 1: Ask yourself, “Is the divisor a whole number?”

Step 2: If the divisor is NOT a whole number (if it has a decimal in it), move the decimal enough times to the right to make it a whole number.

Step 3: Move the decimal the SAME number of places to the right in the dividend.

Step 4: Bring the decimal up to the quotient line.

Step 5: Divide

We worked many examples together during class and most students seemed to understand the skill. The examples we worked together are actually various problems from their homework! Students…please make sure to show your work so we can check for accuracy tomorrow as we grade this homework.


Dividing Decimals by Decimals HW for 9-29-2014


Thursday, September 25th

Students created their own USERNAME & PASSWORD today during class for their online textbook. Each student has a brightly colored piece of paper with the instructions on how to log into their textbook. Please ask your student to see this piece of paper as it is the ONLY RECORD of their USERNAME & PASSWORD! Please keep it in a safe place as you will need to use this whenever they have homework from the textbook!


Textbook Redemption Letter 2014-2015

Thursday, September 18th

We love rounding decimals! Students reminded me of their rounding chant today in class, “if it’s five or more, up the score……if it’s four or less, let it rest”! These are the universal guidelines for rounding. Students worked many examples with me in class today to ensure their understanding and accuracy.


Rounding Decimals HW for 9-18-2014


Tuesday, September 16th

Students began reviewing place value today in class. Place value charts were glued into student’s math notebooks but the same place value chart was given to them as part of their homework as well.

Below you will find the eight numbers students need to place on their charts for homework tonight! I’ve included a copy of the Place Value chart as well!

Place Value problems #1-8 HW for 9-16-2014

Place Value Chart 2014



Monday, September 15th

Classes finished up their Collins Writing Project today in class. I am very proud of the computations & explanations studentsĀ documented with their posters. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to review our work tomorrow night at Sixth Grade Open House!

Sixth Grade Open HouseĀ on Tuesday evening, Sept 16th, at 6:00pm! We look forward to meeting you!




Wednesday, September 10th

Our first math test is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, Sept 11th! The skills covered on this assessment are the same as those covered on the study guide: multi-digit multiplication, long division with 2 & 3-digit divisors, and applying Divisibility Rules! Students went over their study guide in class today to ensure their work was accurate and to ensure their understanding. I am very excited to see awesome work tomorrow on this test!


Study your study guide! Make sure to bring it to class with you as I will be taking it up for a grade!

Tuesday, September 9th

As we begin to wrap up our unit on long division, our class is looking forward to a big test on Thursday (Sept 11th) or Friday (Sept 12th) this week. The test will cover all the skills we have been working on since the beginning of school including multi-digit multiplication, long division with 2 and 3 digit divisors as well as divisibility rules. Students were given a study guide today in class that will assist them in preparing for this assessment.


Study Guide Page 1 HW for 9-9-2014

Study Guide Page 2

Study Guide Page 3

Also remember that Open House for 6th grade parents is Tuesday night, September 16th from 6:00-7:15pm.