Monday, May 8th

We began our unit on Inequalities today! Most students picked up on this concept very quickly while others seemed to still be unclear of what an inequality is and the symbols we use to write them. We will continue on with inequalities on Tuesday and with a little different approach, hopefully everybody will be on board with this new skill by the end of class!

No homework! Enjoy your evening!

Wednesday, May 3rd

Our 3D Figure Projects are really coming together! As I looked through all the projects after school today, I loved seeing all the creativity and imagination that has been put into these projects! Our students have really been working hard over the last two weeks and it shows!

Our 3D Figure Project will come to a close tomorrow, Thursday, May 4th. Students will present their projects and paragraphs in class on Friday, May 5th. Remember, this is a gold grade so encourage your students to work hard during class on Thursday and finish strong!

As it has been for the entire week, my classroom will be open at 7am for students to get some extra time to work on their projects!  This is especially intended for students who were out last week at Disney, but anyone is welcome to come and work!

Here are the project guidelines for your review should you need them:

3D Figure Project April 2017

Have a great Wednesday evening!