Tuesday, Jan 23rd and BIG GOLD TEST

Students learned how to establish a variable and write an algebraic expression from a word phrase today in class. Remember to pay close attention to what the variable actually stands for and to also remember switch phrases!

We have a BIG GOLD TEST scheduled for this Thursday, January 25th. It will cover the following skills:


-Order of Operations

-writing Algebraic Expressions


Lesson 2-2 p19 HW for 1-23-2018

Monday, January 22nd

Second full day on learning to write algebraic expressions from word phrases. Your student took down notes about specific phrases on a chart during class. We used that chart to read word phrases and create algebraic phrases from them. We worked the first half of the sheet together to make sure everyone understood the procedure. The second half, #16-30, were assigned for homework!

Homework for Monday, January 22nd

Algebraic Expressions p17 HW for 1-22-2018

Monday & Tuesday, Jan 22 & 23 Student Led Conferences

Parents & Students!!!!!  Remember there are NO SLC today or tomorrow!!!!

With all the inclement weather & widespread flu, students are not prepared to hold their Student Led Conferences this week! Students contacted home last Friday to help parents remember to not come in today for a conference. The office also sent out a  ListServ on Friday to help parents remember we are having to reschedule SLC to next week. A bright, pink note was also sent home with all students letting parents know SLC would not be happening this week! See below: