Tuesday, December 13th

Study guides for the 2nd Nine Weeks Benchmark were given to students on Monday during class. The answers for first and last pages of the study guide were covered with students today in class. Questions were also answered to ensure everyone understands the proper steps & procedures for solving these problems. Study guides are due tomorrow before the benchmark! Parents, please ensure your child’s study guide is complete! Here is the answer key in case you have any questions:



Tuesday, December 6th

Students are learning how to write algebraic expressions from word phrases. On Monday, we took down some key words that “tip” us off as to what operation we should be writing. These key words/phrases are in a chart in your student’s notebook.


We spent Tuesday reviewing these key words/phrases and began writing algebraic expressions according to some scenarios we were given. Homework tonight consists of the same skill!  (And by the way, students were given some time in class to begin their homework!)