Tuesday, March 24th

Students continued again today learning how to construct a box & whisker plot! Several examples were worked together in class to ensure understanding and accuracy.

Procedures for Constructing a Box and Whisker Plot

Students are to use these guidelines to complete their homework. Only 7 problems were assigned. Students: remember to identify the 5 main components needed to build your display: median, LQ, UQ, least value (LV), greatest value (GV) and then create your plot!

Constructing Box and Whisker Plots HW for 3-24-2015

We completed the first problem together in class so you would have an example to guide you!




Monday, March 23rd

It’s finally here!!  Box and whisker plot day! We have been working so hard to get to this topic! Students have been very anxious to learn how we construct box and whisker plots and today their curiosity was satisfied!

Students took down a six-step process to developing this type of graphical display. Notes were taken down on a chart and then glued into their math notebooks. We worked a couple of examples in class before the bell got us, but everyone seemed to understand the process well.

Since we are still learning, no homework tonight! We will get back at it first thing on Tuesday!

Enjoy your evening!!!!



Wednesday, March 11th

Wow! Students worked so hard today learning three new skills! These skills are an extension of our Percentages Unit. They are very practical skills, ones that we all use in everyday life!

Today students learned how to calculate Discounts, Sales Tax, and Tips!  We took extensive notes in our math notebooks and worked many examples. Homework for tonight only focuses on calculating discounts.

Students remember: You must show your work! Also remember to calculate not only the amount of the discount, but also the final price of the item!  Seven problems, three points each! Work hard!


Let’s Find the Discount (back of sheet) HW for 3-11-2015

Tuesday, March 3rd

Every class checked over every problem on that 5-page long study guide today!

Tonight’s homework assignment involves 2 major components:

#1   STUDY your study guide! We checked over it today in class for a reason! Study over your corrected answers!

#2  REVIEW your Measurement Conversions chart! Remember that 8-3 Conversions chart we glued into your math notebook? You gotta know it! Lesson 8-3 Customary Measurements chart

3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark Study Guide pg1

3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark Study Guide pg 2

3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark Study Guide pg3

3rd Nine Weeks Study Guide pg4

3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark Study Guide pg5