Wednesday, October 28th

Continuing with our study of The Coordinate Plane, students worked today to clarify their understanding how to graph ordered pairs. Ordered pairs are always stated as (x, y). Emphasis was again placed on finding the x-coordinate first and then the position on the y-axis second!


Homework Practice The Coordinate Plane HW for 10-28-15

******  PowerUps Quiz #3 this Friday, October 30th  ***********

******  Gold Test on Integers & The Coordinate Plane next Wednesday, November 4th!!!





Thursday, October 8th

Well, day one of the benchmark is in the books! We had many students who did not totally complete the benchmark in class today and that is okay! We are going to take as much class time as we need tomorrow for students to finish their exam. We will have to wrap things up tomorrow however, as it is the end of the nine weeks!  I am so anxious to start grading these assessments!


Enjoy your evening!!!



Wednesday, October 7th

Okay guys!  Tomorrow is it!  Our first nine weeks benchmark in math will be given on Thursday, October 8th.  If we need extra time to complete the exam, we will use time in class on Friday, October 9th, to wrap things up!


1. Review completed study guide

2. Review PowerUps from Monday (10-5) & Tuesday (10-6)




Monday, October 5th and our BENCHMARK EXAM!!!!!!!!!!

Our First Nine Weeks Benchmark exam will be given this Thursday, October 8th. Students received a copy of their study guide today in class.

The front is for homework on Monday night.

The back is for homework on Tuesday night.

The completed study guide will be checked together as a class on Wednesday. I encouraged all students to have everything done by Wednesday so I can clarify any questions they may have or correct any obstacles they may run into. If their study guide is not complete, the student will have a hard time correcting work they have not done!

HOMEWORK FOR MONDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 5TH  (front side only…….#1-16)

First Nine Weeks Study Guide (front & back)