Thursday, September 26th

Students began dividing decimals by decimals today in class. Students! Please remember to move the decimals in the divisor enough places to make it a whole number! Then move the decimal in the dividend the same number of places as well! Once that’s done, now you are ready to divide!

Remember to show all your work to receive full credit!!

Skills Prac Divide Decimals by Decimals HW for 9-26-2013

Thursday, September 19th

In an effort to incorporate writing into our math class, students completed an activity today in class which required them to not only show their proficiency in computing an answer, an additional component to the task was to explain how they arrived at their answer. I encouraged students not to be shy explaining their answers and that the answers did not have to be long and drawn out. I simply want students to explain, step by step, their thinking as they completed the problem.

Students were given an additional word problem to complete as tonight’s homework.

Decimal Computation and Explanation HW for 9-19-2013

Thursday, September 12th

Our first big test will be tomorrow, Friday the 13th! Students reviewed all skills we have covered since the first week of school. Those skills include multiplying multi-digit numbers, long division, place value, rounding, adding & subtracting decimals.

Homework for Thursday night, September 12th………complete Study Guide (front & back) to prepare for tomorrow’s test!

Study Guide for Test HW for 9-12-2013 (front)
Study Guide for Test HW for 9-12-2013 (back)

Wednesday, September 11th

Blue Team students continued their study of adding & subtracting decimals with a classwork/homework assignment, “Adding & Subtracting Decimals”. Students must show their work, especially how they line up the decimals when setting up the problem.

Adding & Subtracting Decimals HW for 9-11-2013

We will have our first test of the nine weeks this Friday, September 13th. The skills covered on the test include multiplying, long division (including adding a decimal & zero to the dividend), place value, rounding, as well as adding & subtracting decimals. A study guide will be given to students in class tomorrow in order to prepare for the test on Friday!

Monday, September 9th

Students began reviewing the rules for rounding whole numbers and for rounding decimals today in class. Students should have those rules in their math notebook to use for reference. I have also included a copy of the rules below, along with a copy of tonight’s homework.
Rules for Rounding 2013-2014 v2
Practice 5-4 HW for 9-9-2013

PARENTS!!!! Students were given a letter today (printed on red paper) that will allow them to go online and redeem their personal copy of their online textbook. The letter is from our textbook publisher, McGraw-Hill, and it gives very specific instructions on how to complete this process. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU KEEP TRACK OF YOUR USERNAME & PASSWORD!! I stressed to my students today that I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO MCGRAW-HILL FILES AND HAVE NO WAY OF RETRIEVING YOUR STUDENT’S USERNAME & PASSWORD IF YOU LOSE IT. There is a Customer Service number on the letter that you will have to contact in order to retrieve your student’s online textbook should you lose your Username & Password.