Monday, August 27th

Students are studying Divisibility Rules over the next couple of days! Classes made a foldable outlining the rules and glued them into their math notebook. Here are the notes students took down today:

Once notes were complete, we looked at applying the rules to several different numbers. We are still working with applying the rules so no homework tonight! Enjoy your evening!

Thursday, August 23rd & Big Gold Test

Students worked together as a class today on a study guide to prepare for our first gold test tomorrow, Friday 8-23-2018! If your student did not finish all items on the study guide, they will need to complete them for homework tonight! I have included a copy of the study guide for students who may not have completed it in class!


Study Guide #1 for Big Gold Test HW for 8-23-2018

Answer Key to Study Guide #1

Tuesday, August 21st & Big Gold Test on Friday

Continuing with our study of long division today in class! We are looking forward to our first gold test this Friday! The skills that will be assessed on that test will include:

-long multiplication

-long division

Students will be given a study guide in class on Thursday and we will work through that together as a class. Students will then review their study guide at home Thursday evening to prepare for Friday’s test!


2-Digit divisors HW for 8-21-2018