Monday, January 27th

We are still working with our Ratio Unit focusing specifically on ratios within word problems. Students have already completed a number of ratio word problems with me in class. They should have their ratio sheets for reference on how to set these problems up & solve them. A couple of pointers:

#1 Read the problem two or three times to understand exactly what the problem is asking

#2 Sometimes the problem is giving you the “reduced ratio” and you must construct the “original ratio” by finding relationships

#3 USE LABELS!!!!!!!! They will keep you on track!!!!!

Ratio Word Problems pg 9 all problems

Wednesday, January 22nd

We are continuing our study of ratios by writing labels on our ratios as we set them up. Students have homework out of their textbooks tonight. Students were given PLENTY of time in class today to complete this assignment! We will check this assignment during class on Thursday for a grade.

Textbook pg. 152-153, problems #7-16

Wednesday, January 15th

The Coordinate Plane test went extremely well today & I can’t wait to get these assessments graded!!

Students have NO HOMEWORK for Wednesday night, but I did give them their THIRD EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY after the test today! It is a Graphiti coordinate plane that actually turns out into a picture….and they are hard! So follow the directions and do the best you can!

Extra Credit is due on Friday!!!

Tuesday, January 14th

Study guides were checked for accuracy during class today. We worked any problems students misunderstood during class as well. Students should have corrected & accurate study guides to use tonight as they prepare for tomorrow’s big test!

Study your study guide!!!! Bring your study guide to class tomorrow as I will take it up for a grade!

Monday, January 13th

Blue Team students are gearing up for a big test on Absolute Value, Integers, and the Coordinate Plane! Students were given the attached study guide today in class to help them prepare for their test on Wednesday, January 15th. Study guides will be checked on Tuesday, January 14th, in class and taken for a grade on Wednesday, January 15th, right before students begin their test!

Study Guide Coordinate Plane pg 1
Study Guide Coordinate Plane pg2
Study Guide Coordinate Plane pg3