Week of May 14th – 18th

Green Team students began their end of the year review today during class. Each student was given a 6 page study guide at the beginning of class on Monday. Clear instructions were given on the completion of the study guide:

Pages #1, #2, and #3 are to be completed during class on Monday (May 14th) and for homework Monday night. They will be checked for a grade Tuesday during class.

Pages #4, #5, and #6 are to be completed during class on Tuesday (May 15th) and for homework on Tuesday night. They will be checked for a grade on Wednesday when I collect all study guides just before the test begins.

Wednesday, May 16th, will be the day for our comprehensive math test. The skills reviewed on the study guide will be the skills asssessed on the test.

Parents, please review the study guide each night with your student to pinpoint any areas of concern so we can address those during class on Tuesday!

Friday, May 11th

Students have really worked hard on their graphing packets today! I think they have realized that working with ordered pairs is no easy task! For that reason, I have extended the due date of the graphing packets to Monday, May 14th. All classes should be prepared to hand the packet in at the beginning of class on Monday.

Tell the special women in your life how much you appreciate them on Sunday, Mother’s Day!!

Thursday, May 10th

As a fun activity to reinforce our study of the Cartesian Plane (also known as the coordinate plane), students are working on a graphing packet that will result in some pretty interesting pictures! The instructions to 4 graphs were given to students today along with 4 blank graphs. Students must plot each ordered pair and then “connect the dots” to create a picture of a specfic item. The name of each graph is a great clue!

The entire graphing packet IS NOT FOR HOMEWORK !!!!!!!!!! However, I will take the packet up for a grade either Friday (1st, 2nd, 3rd periods) or Monday (7th and 8th periods). With that in mind, I encouraged students to work diligently during their classtime today, to work on SOME of it tonight, and then complete their work tomorrow during class.

Let me make sure I am crystal clear with my homework instructions for Thursday night, May 10th………

THE ENTIRE PACKET IS NOT DUE AS YOU WALK IN THE DOOR ON FRIDAY. We will have the entire period to finish working on the packet, so I encourage you to work on SOME of the packet tonight so you will not be overwhelmed during class on Friday.

Week of May 7-11

Our classes will focus on the coordinate plane this week. On Tuesday, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period learned the scientist & mathematician responsible for the discovery of geometry & the coordinate plane, Rene’ Descartes. For this reason, the coordinate plane is also referred to as the Cartesian Plane (good quiz question!).

Due to the JRFH this afternoon, 7th & 8th period will have this lesson later in the week (yes, that means no homework for 7th & 8th periods).

Monday, May 7th………Field Trip!! No homework
Tuesday, May 8th……..1st, 2nd, 3rd periods have homework Lesson 9-3, Practice B & C all problems
Wednesday, May 9th……no homework

Please check back for Thursday night’s homework!!

Wednesday, May 2nd

Our classes wrapped up our study of solid figures today! Today, students turned in their 3-page packet that they began working on during class on Monday. We worked with actual polyhedron shapes as we mastered our learning on faces, edges and vertices of polyhedrons.

Workbook pg. 57, Lesson 10-6, Solid Figures……..students may need to refer to their textbooks (Chapter 10, Section 6) in order to answer #4, #5, #6

The 7th Grade Advanced Math Placement Test will be administered on Thursday, May 3rd and Friday, May 4th during our math classes.

Please remember our field trip on Monday, May 7th! Please verify with your student if they will bring a lunch from home or purchase one from our lunch room. Students have already indicated to me their choice, but please make sure with them before they head out the door on Monday morning!!!!!