Thursday, November 21st

What an AWESOME day in our math class!

Students participated in an activity that challenged their Order of Operations skills! Students were given a standard group of numbers in an expression and their challenge was to arrange various operation symbols to make the expression equal to a pre-determined answer. VERY challenging to say the least! Students worked incredibly hard to find the correct combination of symbols and I am very pleased with their work today!

Here are some pictures of students as they worked today during class!

Tuesday, November 19th

Students worked on their skills with Order of Operations today in class. We worked whole group on solving several problems following Order of Operations. We also had a couple of examples of NOT following Order of Operations and the resulting answer. I have attached the problems we worked on during class today. Your student should have these problems recorded in their math notebook.

Homework was assigned to continue practice of Order of Operations. I have attached a copy of the homework below. Students should remember 3 things as they work their homework:

1. Write PEMDAS on each problem!
2. Use brackets while working the problem
3. Show your work!

We will grade this tomorrow in class!

Thursday, November 7th

Students began their study of Order of Operations today in class! Students were introduced to this skill in 5th grade however our study of this topic will be much more in depth. I have attached the foldable we made in class below. It outlines each step in the process and we discussed these at length in class.

No homework tonight! Enjoy a free evening!

Friday, November 1st & GOLD TEST!!!!!!!!!!!


Today in class, students completed and reviewed their study guides for our gold test on Monday. The skills that will be assessed include:

-writing integers for specific situations
-plotting integers on a numberline
-ordering integers
-calculating Absolute Value (including adding and subtracting)
-identifying points on a coordinate plane
-graphing points on a coordinate plane

Students should review and study over their study guides to prepare for Monday’s gold test. I will be taking the study guide up as a silver grade before the test, so make sure you bring it to class! I have attached a blank copy of the study in case someone needs it and I have attached an answer key if you would like to check over your answers!