Field Trip to Birmingham Children’s Theatre

Parents & Students!

Get those Watson’s Go to Birmingham field trip forms in by next week!
Please remember to bring in your field trip permission form and payment by September 9th!! No extra tickets will be purchased so only those who have turned in paid permission slip forms will be ordered on Sept 9th.

Have a restful & relaxing holiday weekend!!

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week of August 26-30

Welcome back to Week Two of Sixth Grade at HMS! From my observations, everyone had a terrific first week of school so now let’s get busy working some math!

Tuesday, August 27th, math students will take the county math pre-assessment test during their normal math class. This assessment will allow your student’s math teacher to know where your student is in their learning at this juncture of the school year.

OPEN HOUSE for 6th Grade is also scheduled for Tuesday evening as well! It will begin at 6pm in the gym with some thoughts from Coach Knight and then you will travel your student’s schedule in 5 minute increments. Hopefully you will gain a lot of insight & information about your child’s day here on the Blue Team!

No homework for Monday night!! Enjoy (it doesn’t happen very often!)

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 20th

Students finished viewing our class presentation of “Rules & Procedures” today in class. It is important to me that students are very clear on my expectations of their behavior & performance while they are in our math class!

Homework for tonight is a Multiplication Fact Sheet. Ten rows with ten columns which makes for 100 math facts. This is a rather straightforward assignment that should be an easy skill for most students. It will be a graded assignment in class on Wednesday.

Multiplication Fact Sheet HW for 8-20-2013

Enjoy your Tuesday evening!


What an awesome first day of sixth grade!!!!!!!! I must say I am very impressed by this group of sixth grade students! Very mature & ready for middle school is how I would describe Blue Team students!

No homework in math tonight, but I will certainly update my blog each evening to let you know what will be expected each day this week!

Now that “the big day” is under our belt, enjoy your evening, get a good night’s rest and let’s get ready to work!!!!!

See you guys tomorrow!!