GT Students who attended Camp McDowell & their Parents

Glad to have Ms. Tucker and all our Camp McDowell students back safe & sound at HMS!

Life at HMS has marched on even in the absence of our GT students! Green Team math students learned about the area of triangles (Monday) and how to separate Composite Figures (Irregular Polygons) into recognizable shapes (squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangles) so that we can calculate the total area of the figure (Tuesday & Wednesday).

Having my ear to the ground, it seems as though many parents & students are fearful that I will test Camp McDowell participatants this Friday on all the material we learned while these students were away. I am quite surprised and disappointed that any parent or student would think I would ever test students on material they have not been taught.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. I have developed a plan to give Camp McDowell participants additional time & instruction to learn the material we covered while they were out. On Friday morning, April 26th, I will be in my classroom at 7:00am teaching the skills that were covered while Camp McDowell students were away. Students are encouraged to attend this work session and bring the worksheets they received prior to leaving for camp with them. I will work any problem students need and we will review all formulas and steps in the process of calculating total area of composite figures.

All makeup work for Camp McDowell participants will be due MAY 1st! Camp McDowell participants will also take their test on perimeter & area on May 1st as well. Once again, in an effort to ease the fears of students & parents, I will be in my classroom at 7:00am for Camp McDowell participants to take their makeup test. Please think ahead for that morning and make arrangements to be in my classroom at 7:00am.

If any parent or student has additional concerns or suggestions, please feel free to email me at I am always eager to help students catch up any missing assignments!

Week of April 22-26

As we are wrapping up our unit on perimeter and area, Green Team math students are looking at a test on Thursday or Friday of this week. Formulas for perimeter of rectangles & squares have been given in class and taken down into notes. Formulas to calculate area of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles have also been given and should be in student notebooks as well. Please check your students math notes for these formulas and orally quiz them on the formulas as well. KNOWING THE FORUMULAS FOR THE TEST IS ESSENTIAL!!

Monday, April 22nd……..Skills Practice & Homework Practice “Area of Triangles”; REMEMBER TO WRITE THE FORMULA ON EACH PROBLEM & SHOW YOUR WORK! Answers are in square units!!
Skills Practice Area of Triangles HW for 4-22-2013
Homework Practice Area of Triangles HW for 4-22-2013
Tuesday, April 23rd…….Lesson 10-3 Practice A, Lesson 10-3 Practice B; REMEMBER TO WRITE THE FORMULA ON EACH PROBLEM & SHOW YOUR WORK! Answers are in square units!!
Lesson 10-3 Practice A HW for 4-23-2013
Lesson 10-3 Practice B HW for 4-23-2013
Wednesday, April 24th……..4-problem sheet “Area of Irregular Polygon”; REMEMBER TO CALCULATE AREA OF ALL FIGURES and then add all areas together; answer must be in square units!
4-problem Area of Irregular Polygons HW for 4-24-2013
Thursday, April 25th………Area of Composite Figures(also called Irregular Polygons); front & back; REMEMBER TO CALCULATE AREA OF ALL FIGURES and then add all areas together; answer must be in square units!
Area of Composite Figures (front) HW for 4-25-2013
Area of Composite Figures (back) HW for 4-25-2013
Friday, April 26th……….. Test on Perimeter & Area

You have worked HARD this week!!! Relax & enjoy your weekend!!

Week of April 15-19

Happy Tax Day! Only 3 weeks left until ARMT+ testing and we have alot of material left to cover! Please try to be at school everyday as catching up classwork/homework is so challenging especially in this season of baseball & softball!

Monday, April 15th…….Lesson 10-1 Practice A (front) and Practice B (back)
Lesson 10-1 Practice A (front) HW for 4-15-2013
Lesson 10-1 Practice B (back) HW for 4-15-2013
Tuesday, April 16th……..Skills Practice (front)/Homework Practice (back) Perimeter of a Composite Figure
Skills Prac Perimeter of a Composite Figure HW for 4-16-2013
HW Prac Perimeter of Composite Figure HW for 4-16-2013
Wednesday, April 17th……ReTeach Area of Parallelogram; all 4 problems!!
ReTeach Area of Parallelogram HW 4-17-2013
Thursday, April 18th…….Skills Practice AND Homework Practice Area of Parallelogram; REMEMBER!!!! You MUST write the formula A=bh on each and every problem!!!
Skills Practice Area of Parallelograms HW for 4-18-2013
HW Practice Area of Parallelograms HW for 4-18-2013
Friday, April 19th……..

Week of April 8-12

Continuing in our geometry unit, our focus this week will center around triangles, quadrilaterals, area & perimeter. If you feel that your student needs extra study on these topics, please log in to your online textbook and review Chapter 8, Lesson 2 which covers these topics. The Interactive Classroom & Online Tutor are terrfic resources to reinforce skills learned in class!

Monday, April 8th……..Skills Practice/Homework Practice on “Triangles” (front & back)
Skills Practice Triangles (front) HW for 4-8-2013
Homework Practice Triangles (back) HW for 4-8-2013
Tuesday, April 9th……..Skills Practice/Homework Practice “Properties of Quadrilaterals” (front & back)
Skills Practice Quadrilaterals (front) HW for 4-9-2013
Homework Practice Quadrilaterals (back) HW for 4-9-2013
Wednesday, April 10th…… homework
Thursday, April 11th……..In-class project
Friday, April 12th………In-class project

Enjoy your weekend!! Get some sun on your face!!

Week of April 1-5

I laid out a challenge to all my classes last week: I challenged every class to have ZERO missing assignments at the end of each week! I am continuing to post sticky notes on my “Wanted Assignments” poster to encourage students to not let missing assignments go unaddressed! Please help your student stay on top of this as well!

We began our Geometry Unit last week with the study of the coordinate plane, ordered pairs, positive & negative integers and absolute value. Our focus this week will be on lines, angles and triangles. We will progress through this material at a fairly quick pace so please don’t miss any of your math classes for the next 3 weeks!

Monday, April 1……..Homework Practice (front) & Skills Practice (back) all problems
Homework Prac Points, Lines, and Planes HW for 4-1-2013
Skills Practice Points, Lines, and Panes HW for 4-1-2013
Tuesday, April 2…….Homework Practice Measure Angles; only classify angles with their names; no measure of degrees required
Homework Practice Measure Angles HW for 4-2-2013
Wednesday, April 3…..Skills Practice “Angle Relationships”
Skills Practice Angle Relationships HW for 4-3-2013
Thursday, April 4……
Friday, April 5……..

Have a great week!