Thursday, October 31st & GOLD TEST!!!!

Today was a great day! I really enjoyed seeing the students in their Halloween costumes! And I believe the students had a great time in each of their classes! Thank you to the PTO for providing candy for our kids!

Friday in class, we will be working on our study guide! The study guide was distributed on Wednesday in class for students to begin working on it. Our gold test will be MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH!!! Students should review their study guide over the weekend and be ready to turn it in before their test on Monday!

The gold test will assess the following skills:

-writing integers for specific situations
-plotting integers on a numberline
-ordering integers
-calculating Absolute Value (including adding and subtracting)
-identifying points on a coordinate plane
-graphing points on a coordinate plane

I have attached the study guide once again in case anyone needs it!

Wednesday, October 30th & GOLD TEST!!!!!

Students learned to calculate the distances between points on a plane today using only the two ordered pairs. The notes we took today in class are attached below.

We are beginning to prepare for a gold test next Monday, November 4th. The gold test will assess the following skills:

-writing integers for specific situations
-plotting integers on a numberline
-ordering integers
-calculating Absolute Value (including adding and subtracting)
identifying points on a coordinate plane
-graphing points on a coordinate plane

Study guides were given out today for students to begin preparing for the test. We will go over the study guides together in class on Friday, November 1st, to ensure everyone understands proper procedures. Students should have a completed and correct study guide to use over the weekend to prepare for Monday’s test!

Tuesday, October 29th

Students continued with their study of the coordinate plane today in class. Students made a foldable that they glued into their math journal with the notes that are attached. Students were assigned “Reading + and – Coordinates” (front and back). We worked through many of the problems together as a whole group. Any items not completed in class turned into homework for tonight! We will check this for a grade tomorrow in class!

Thursday, October 24th

Students were introduced to the concept of Absolute Value today during class. The idea of absolute value has it’s basis in the position of integers in relation to zero. The notes students took today in class are attached below.

Students worked as a whole group several examples of calculating absolute value. These examples are recorded in their math notebooks. Homework “Examining Absolute Value” p4 was assigned. The homework is also attached below. Almost all students completed this assignment before the end of class.

Wednesday, October 23rd

Today in class, students reviewed the concept of positive and negative integers on the numberline, how that as you move UP the numberline, integers grow bigger and bigger (see attached notes) and that as you move DOWN the numberline, integers grow smaller and smaller (see attached notes). Students worked together whole group on two activities during class. One activity practiced skills identifying integers and the second skill focused on ordering integers in specific ways.

Students also completed a classwork/homework activity before class ended. That activity is attached as well.

Tuesday, October 22nd

Students began their study of Integers Tuesday in class. The concept of positive and negative numbers is a foundational skill that is introduced in 6th grade and is vital to the student’s understanding of upper level maths and sciences. The notes we took Tuesday in class are attached below. We also completed an activity where we identified the appropriate integer for a specific situation. That activity (homework) is also attached below. Almost all students were able to complete the activity with me in class!

Thursday, October 17th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!!

Our BIG FRACTIONS TEST is tomorrow, Friday, October 18th!!!!!

We completed our study guide together in class today and reviewed certain problems that had multiple steps in them. The answer key to Study Guide #4 is attached if you get stuck tonight while you are reviewing for tomorrow’s test. EVERYBODY should have a completed study guide from all the hard work we’ve done over the last 3 days preparing for this test!

Please bring your completed Study Guide #4 with you to class tomorrow. I will be taking it up for a silver grade before your test!

Wednesday, October 16th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!!

BIG FRACTIONS TEST this Friday, October 18th!!!!!!!

Students were given pages 1, 2, and 3 of Study Guide #4 today in class! I have attached those pages below. Students are to complete 2/3 of the study guide, meaning out of the 3 pages, they are to pick any 2 pages and complete them tonight for homework!

We will go over the entire study guide tomorrow (10-17-2019) in class to ensure everyone understands proper procedures and can simplify their final answers. Please make sure you have the majority of your study guide completed for class!

This study guide is due the day of our gold test, Friday, October 18th. This study guide will be a silver grade!

Tuesday, October 15th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!!

BIG FRACTIONS GOLD TEST this Friday, October 18th!!!!!!!

We began our Study Guide #4 today in class. We are completing pages 4 & 5 first because they are word problems and I want to work together with my students to ensure everyone understands the procedures for solving these types of problems. There WILL be word problems on the test! That is another reason I want to work with everyone to make sure we identify those “tip off” words and phrases that indicate to us what operation we need in each problem.
(see attached)

Simplifying fractions is still a challenge for many students. To that end, we will continue to practice our strategies at putting fractions into lowest terms! I have attached today’s PowerUps so you can study over our methods of simplifying as you work your study guide.

For homework on Tuesday night, 10-15-2019, please complete all of page 4 and the left-hand column of page 5 for homework! We worked page 4 in it’s entirety together in class, so students should have it completed on their paper. As for page 5, we will check over it in class on Wednesday and then complete the right-hand column together in class. Pages 1, 2, and 3 of the study guide will be distributed Wednesday in class!

Wednesday, October 9th

We continued to work on dividing fractions today in class. We worked through our PowerUps and also through several classroom examples together to make sure everybody understood the procedures for dividing fractions (Keep Change Flip). I have attached those examples below in case you need some guidance as you work through tonight’s homework. Remember to write “KCF” on each problem to help keep you on track! Staple any scratchwork onto the back of your homework sheet!

****Make sure you try those last 6 problems on your homework sheet! All you are doing is substituting the value of each letter with the value listed in the instructions. Once you get everything substituted in, then just work the problem like normal! Easy peasy!