Tuesday, November 17th


Students are continuing to work on their skills substituting in variables and completing order of operations on numerical & algebraic expressions.

The Gold Test on Thursday will cover exponents, order of operations and algebraic expressions. A study guide will be completed in class on Wednesday as a whole group so I can ensure accuracy & understanding.


Skills Practice Variables & Expressions HW 11-17


Monday, November 16th

Algebraic expressions was our focus of study today. Students learned about variables, coefficients and constants through a powerpoint prepared for them. Please review the powerpoint below:

Coefficients Constants 2015 blog

Students were taught how to substituteĀ the value of a variable into an expression.

Algebraic Expressions HW for 11-16-15

Remember to show your substitution & all your work!


Monday, November 2nd

Students continued to practice graphing ordered pairs on the coordinate grid as well as identifying quadrants today in class. Homework will also reflect these same skills.

*Please note: Many students are having problems seeing such small print on the grids that come on the worksheets. For this reason, I have created enlarged grids with the same points graphed on them for students to use in answering tonight’s homework questions. I have attached those grids to this blog post as well. The 2nd blank grid can be used to graph the points on #13-18.

Lesson 9-3 Practice B HW for 11-2-2015

Grid to use with Lesson 9-3 Practice B