Tuesday, April 26th

Our GEOBUILD Project has been in progress well over a week and things areĀ moving along quite well!Ā  Monday, April 18th, was our planning day. Students had awesome ideas about what they wanted to create but as we’ve worked along this week, students began to realize the logistics of construction were not what they originally thought! Many additional 3-D figures were needed as the true scope of some projects was realized!

Presentations of projects will begin on Wednesday, April 26th. Once presentations are complete later this week, our classes will revisitĀ area of composite figures, surface area, and volume. This in preparation for a gold test the week of May 2nd.



Monday, April 18th

GEOBUILD Project started today!!

This will be an exciting week in our math class as students estimate, plan, and begin building their project using a variety of 3-D geometric shapes! Students chose their partners and used time during class to plan out their building strategy. Tuesday, we begin pre-construction! Ask your student to see their planning sheet!Ā  Here’s a copy in case they left it here at school:

GEOBUILD Project Guidelines

I have all the basic supplies students will need to begin construction. The one thing each group will need to provide is a 24″ x 18″ sturdy base (like a piece of foamboard or cardboard) to build their project on. Groups will need to have their bases in class by Thursday at the latest!



Thursday, April 7th

Students reviewed, completed, asked questions, clarified understanding of every problem on our ASPIRE Review Packet today during class! Most everyone recalled the skills on the review. I know #7 and #13 were troublesome but check your student’s packet and the answer key was on my blog from Wednesday night! I was very pleased with the level of work students put forth in completing the review packet!!!

No homework tonight due to English/Reading testing on Friday!Ā  Enjoy your evening!



Wednesday, April 6th

ASPIRE Review Packets will be due on Thursday! I would like to go over any troublesome problems students do not understand to clear up any misunderstandings. Please ensure your student has their study guide and that it is completed! Even if the answers are not totally accurate, I want to know they at least attempted each item!

blank ASPIRE Review Packet 3 pages

Maybe this will be helpful as you study tonight! I don’t want anybody to get stuck!

Answer Key to ASPIRE Study Guide 3 pages