Monday, October 31st

Happy Halloween!

Students continued practicing their graphing skills as we created some spooky Halloween pictures on our coordinate planes today!

Tuesday, November 1st, Mrs. Horton’s math classes will be taking the ASIRE Interim II Assessments. These assessments help to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness for our students so we can know how to best serve their needs. While it does not count as a grade, I have encouraged my students to strive to do their very best in answering the questions posed to them on the test! Please encourage your student to do the same!

Have a nice evening trick-or-treating with your friends! And be SAFE!

Thursday, October 27th

Students learned about the coordinate plane and all it’s associated components during class today. We worked together as a whole group to¬†ensure everyone’s understanding of ordered pairs and how to graph an ordered pair on the plane. If any student did not complete their classwork, it became homework. Additionally, I provided a one-quadrant graphing activity on the back of the homework. This graphing activity should provide students with a fun way to practice this new skill while getting into the Halloween swing!


If the coordinate plane for #17-30 is too small for students to work with, I have provided a larger grid for them to use. It’s easier to read!


And of course, here’s the graphing activity from the back of the homework:



Tuesday, October 25th

Students continued with their learning of absolute value today in class. The question everyone should ask when calculating absolute value is this: How far am I away from zero?  Adding & subtracting utilizing absolute value was also presented with many examples. Students picked up on this skill with ease!



Monday, October 24th

Students were introduced to the concept of Absolute Value today in class. Now that everyone is familiar with positive and negative integers, the idea of how far away integers are from zero is something everyone can understand.

No homework tonight as we are still learning how to graph integers and find their absolute value.

Enjoy your evening!

Tuesday, October 18th and BIG FRACTIONS TEST

Students reviewed the study guide today to correct any misunderstandings and ensure accuracy with procedures.

The skills that will be assessed on the Big Fractions Test include:

  • changing improper fractions to mixed numbers
  • changing mixed numbers to improper fractions
  • multiplying fractions (by other fractions, by whole numbers, and with mixed numbers)
  • dividing fractions (by other fractions, by whole numbers, and with mixed numbers)

The study guide is a good mixture of these skills for your student to practice due on Wednesday before the test for a silver grade.  The study guide will be taken up before the exam for a silver grade.