Monday & Tuesday, February 17th & 18th

Although I will not be in class Monday & Tuesday, students will continue their work on Unit Rate. Students will work on a project entitled, “Let’s Make A Deal” in which they will determine the unit rate of various items (Cheetos per ounce, Sargento Cheese per slice, Butterball turkey per gram, etc) to determine which store offers the better deal on these items. Students will work in partner groups to complete the project by end of class on Tuesday.

Students! Please remember we have 2 homework assignments from last week that we need to check on Wednesday! The first assignment is from last Monday, Feb 10th, and it is entitled “Ratios & Rates”. The second assignment is from last Friday, Feb 14th, and is entitled, “The Best Buy”. We have allowed ample time to have these assignments completed and ready for class on Wednesday!

make sure you have “Ratios & Rates” ready to check on Wednesday
make sure you have “The Best Buy” ready to check on Wednesday

Ratios & Rates-Unit-Rate HW for 2-10-2014
The Best Buy HW from 2-14-2014