Tuesday, August 29th & BIG GOLD TEST

Students have been working very hard this week learning the standard algorithm for long division! No more hangman method, no more little r’s at the top of the problem! We are learning how to fluently divide with one and two digit divisors!

I have attached the foldable we created in class together that gives students a step-by-step guide on the process of long division. I am attaching it so in case they do not bring their math notebook home, parents can still work with their student on completing tonight’s homework.  Out of nine problems, we worked two together to ensure understanding of the procedure. Students were then given time to get a few more problems done before the bell!

long division foldable with steps

We are scheduled for our first Big Gold Test this Friday, September 1st. The skills that we will cover include:

  • long multiplication (3-digits x 1-digit)  (3-digits x 2-digits)
  • divisibility rules (be able to apply them to a given number)
  • long division (using the standard algorithm)
  • word problems using long division

Your student’s math notebook is an EXCELLENT resource as you begin preparing for our assessment on Friday! Old quizzes & homework assignments (which everyone should have in their math safe place/binder) are also terrific resources to utilize as well!


HW from Tuesday 8-29-2017