Welcome Back!!! Week of January 4-6

Happy New Year!!!

The start of the 3rd Nine Weeks is upon us and it should shape up to be a whirlwind of activity! Today in class we discussed how the expectation for student behavior and performance has increased since the beginning of school. As a new sixth grade student, forgetfulness and indiscretions were excused and forgiven. As a veteran sixth grader, forgetfulness and poor performance in class will not be very well tolerated. So we discussed what the expectations are this nine weeks: on time to class, prepared with materials (paper, sharpened pencils, completed homework), attentiveness and as few distractions as possible as we need to squeeze every minute of classtime for instruction!

Wednesday, January 4th……….Textbook pg 184 #8-15
Thursday, January 5th………..Textbook pg 184 #16-23
Friday, January 6th………….no homework

Enjoy a great weekend and get ready for some football Monday night!!