Week of February 21-24

** All coupon books or checks MUST be in by Tuesday, February 22nd!!!!

This week our learning will focus on calculating percent-off discounts (such as 30% off all winter coats), calculating sales tax on purchases (9% on a new pair of jeans that cost $29.99), and calculating the tip on a food purchase at a restaurant (20% on a total bill of $26.85). This unit of study will keep us busy for many days ahead, so please take the liberty of showing your student real world examples as you shop for clothing or groceries over the next couple of weeks! Nothing as good as math application in real life examples!

Monday, February 20th…………No school
Tuesday, February 21st………..Catch-up day on Panther PowerUps; no HW
Wednesday, February 22nd………Practice A pg 91 all problems
Thursday, February 23rd……….Workbook pg 74, odd #s only
Friday, February 24th…………Workbook pg 74, even #s only

Please make every effort to be at school every day as we are covering new material each day! It is so challenging for students to play catch-up in their classes when they have been absent!

Have a terrific weekend!!