Thursday, January 10th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!!

Tomorrow we will have a gold test on the skills we have learned over the previous week. Students have been made aware for the last 2 days that they would have a test on the following skills:

  • exponents
  • Order of Operations
  • substituting in the value of the variable and then following PEMDAS
  • translating words & phrases into algebraic expressions
  • review your Words & Phrases chart
  • review your definitions of variable, constant, and coefficient

All classes worked a 2-page study guide TOGETHER during class today so everybody should have THE WHOLE STUDY GUIDE COMPLETED!!!!! If your student has a blank study guide or a portion incomplete, it is because they chose to sit and not participate in class. The study guide will be taken up tomorrow before our test for a silver grade.


Study Guide #9 HW for 1-10-2019

AND here is the chart Key Words & Phrases used in Algebraic Expressions