Wednesday, October 24th

Students continued their study of integers today! Our focus in class today was the proper ordering of integers. It made students think really hard about where certain integers are on the numberline! I encouraged everyone to think back to the numberline we recorded in our math notebooks yesterday and to keep a mental picture of that in their minds as they worked on today’s assignment. Here is the numberline I encouraged everyone to use today as they worked:

Our classes worked together to complete examples of ordering integers. We have to pay close attention to the order that is being asked in each problem! This is what we completed together in class today:

Homework is the same skill, presented in the same format! Pay special attention to the order in which they are asking for the integers!


Ordering Integers p10 HW for 10-24-2018


Tuesday, October 23rd

We began our unit on Integers today! Students were very eager to learn about positive and negative integers as well as locate their places on a numberline! We also discussed some words we might see that would help indicate if an integer is positive or negative. Here are the notes we took down today in class:

The entire class worked on a sheet where we wrote integers to fit a specific situation. This is the sheet we completed together as a class:

Our homework for tonight is exactly the same, writing an integer to fit a specific situation. Use the t-chart concerning positive and negative words to help you if you get stuck!


Palm Tree Math p3 HW for 10-23-2018