Monday, December 11th and EXAM SCHEDULE!!!!!!

Students worked diligently today to complete their study guides! A big “Thank You” to those students who had theirs completed upon returning to school today!

For 2nd period, your exam will be tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec 12th, during your normal class time! Bring those completed study guides in!

For 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th periods, we will continue to review and correct any misunderstandings as we look forward to your exams on Wednesday & Thursday!


If your study guide has any incomplete items, finish them for homework!!!!!

1st Semester Exam Study Guide 2017-2018


Monday, August 21st & OPEN HOUSE TONIGHT

Happy Solar Eclipse Day! Our students did a terrific job obeying the safe viewing guidelines while we were outside experiencing the eclipse! They are such a great group of students, eager to learn and eager to please!

Students were issued math textbooks today in class! They were instructed to bring their textbook home as we will be assigning homework from the textbook this year. Please help your child keep this book in a safe, convenient place!

Open House for 6th grade is tonight beginning at 6:30am – 8:00pm. Parents will assemble in the gym and be dismissed to walk their student’s schedule. I am looking forward to meeting you this evening!


  1. Take your math textbook home.
  2. Discuss the eclipse with your parents tonight!

Friday, March 3rd and Third Nine Weeks Benchmark

The Study Guide for the 3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark was given out during class on Friday. We all took a “walk” through the study guide to ensure everyone understood all the different skills covered during the course of the nine weeks. I would like to go over the study guide on Monday with students to ensure accuracy of answers and understanding of procedures.

Third-Nine-Weeks-Study-Guide March 2017

The 3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark will be given on Tuesday, March 7th!!!