Week of January 11-15, 2010

Thanks to our crazy Alabama weather, we certainly had a bumpy start to our new year!! The extra day of rest (or play) last week was very nice, but I must admit I am anxious to get going on our new unit of study, World War II. As a point of reference for parents, Chapter 26 in our textbook is where we will be spending the next several weeks discussing this historical event. World War II was a powerful event with far-reaching implications for our nation as well as the world. I know my students will come away from our study with a new understanding of people & politics and the motivators that drive them both.

MONDAY, Jan 11th
Students will continue to create their charts of countries and leaders that played a key role in WWII; these charts will be a terrific reference tool as our class discussions begin; Writing Prompt today: After reading Chapter 26, Section 1, at this point in history, should the United States have joined the war effort in Europe?

TUESDAY, Jan 12th
Class discussion about the conditions in Europe that sparked war; Hitler & German anger at provisions of Treaty of Versailles; biography of Adolf Hitler and review of Nazi Party origins
read over pgs. 756-757 to gain an understanding of conditions in US during late 1930’s

Chapter 26, Section 1
Students will review transparency of German conquest of Europe 1938-1939; student creation of German movement timeline; French & British policy of appeasement

THURSDAY, Jan 14th
Chapter 26, Section 2
Opening question for students: Why were so many nations drawn into the conflict of WWII besides Germany, Britain, and France?
Students will work in learning groups to read and discuss items in Section 2; students will come back together and present findings; Mrs. Horton to distribute notetaking sheets
Define vocabulary words for Chapter 26, Section 2 (pg. 758); put these in the Vocabulary Section of your Social Studies notebook

FRIDAY, Jan 15th
Students will discuss the threat Japan posed to the United States; students will read account of attack on Pearl Harbor; students will review transparency 26-2 to give visual of WWII timeline;
Writing Prompt (Descriptive Writing): Write a news bulletin to announce the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Have a super weekend!!!!