Week of April 19th – 23rd

April 19th
Continued reading of Chapter 27, Section 3 – “The Korean War”
define vocabulary for this section; identify and plot specific locations on map of North and South Korea

April 20th
Review of timeline of events in Korea (student sheet); student recreation of advances & retreats of United Nations/USA troops as well as Communist troops on map; identify battles in chronological sequence
begin reviewing for Chapter 27 test this Friday!!

April 21st
Chapter 27, Section 4 – “The Red Scare”
cooperative groups to complete Guided Reading 27-4; vocabulary for entire Chapter 27
begin reviewing for Chapter 27 test this Friday!!

April 22nd
Readers’ Theatre – “Were they Guilty?”
student-driven skit about Cold War Era & McCarthyism; short review of study guide
study for Chapter 27 test tomorrow!

April 23rd
Chapter 27 test – The Cold War Era
World of Water Activity following test

Have a super weekend!!