Week of March 26 – March 30

What a wonderful Spring Break!! I hope students and parents alike were able to rest and soak up some sun!

As I shared with my students today in class, we have exactly 9 class meetings until ARMT+ testing begins on April 9th! In an effort to ready our students to their prime performance, 6th grade started an “ARMT+ Blitz” today in which we will review skills from August to present day. That will take up a solid 20 minutes of our time together each day and the other 30 minutes will be new skills. Still pushing ahead & encouraging students to push themselves as well to perform at their maximum potential!

Parents, please make every effort to have students in class each day over the next 2 weeks! We will cover many new skills and students sometimes have a hard time playing “catch up”. It is also very important that students are at school each day during testing to ensure that their skills are properly reflected on our state assessment.

Monday, March 26th………no school; teacher workday
Tuesday, March 27th……..Ratios & Proportions worksheet (front & back)
Wednesday, March 28th……page 4 of ARMT packet (and any other pages not completed in class)
Thursday, March 29th…….Lesson 10-1 Workbook pg.83, all problems
Friday, March 30th………no homework

Enjoy your weekend (and don’t get fooled on April 1st!!!!!)