Tuesday, February 5th

Today in class we reviewed the Equivalent Expressions tests from last Friday. This is such an important skill as it is the foundations of algebra that most students will take either in 7th or 8th grade. To that end, students will be assessed again on the same skill to reinforce concepts and procedures that were not mastered on the original test.

I have asked students to re-work their original test from last Friday as homework for tonight. This is in preparation for the work they will do tomorrow in class. We worked through each type of problem, the actual problems from their test, to once again make sure that everyone understands proper procedures and how to arrive at an accurate answer.


Review & Re-work your test!

Also!!!! Review your properties chart either in your math notebook or on page 289 in your textbook! Remember, your textbook should be at your house!

Here are notes from the last month on the three methods to create equivalent expressions: